Watch: The Competition Between Durga Puja Pandals

Bengal’s Durga Puja is world-famous and rightly so. Inhabitants of the state wait around for the entire year for this one event to occur. The ten days of the puja absolutely transform Kolkata. The city is overwhelmed with pandals at every corner which welcomes one and all with open arms.

The main attraction are definitely the pandals put up by the various communities who try to outdo each other and themselves every consecutive year.

The bigger and influential communities which have a stable financial standing usually follow a theme every year to showcase a message via their work.

Durga Puja incites different emotions in everyone’s hearts. The entire city waits for the event and for those 5 days. The planning for every year’s pandal begins the previous year.

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Months of hard work and labour by tens of people are behind all the jewels adorning Kolkata for those weeks. From neighbourhood societies to the big communities, everyone puts in their love and respect for the goddess and the festival. 

Various awards and titles are given to such pandals. Let us explore some of the pandals in the following video. 

The reverence, respect and love people have for the goddess and by extension for the festival itself is the perfect representation of the Indian’s spirit and love for festivals that is distinctly visible in every state.

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