Watch: Pink Seesaws Installed At US Mexico Border For Children’s Playtime

Whenever we think of a border between two countries, all it reminds us of hatred, enmity, and differences. As if borders are just meant for maintaining stern distance. As if it can offer no friendship, no peace, no togetherness.

Recently two architects from San Francisco Bay area have done something so different around the US Mexico border, people started seeing a ray of positive hope that is beautifully knitted with joy, friendship and togetherness.

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The dream of two professors Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello has become a reality after a decade as the Teetertotter Wall finally opened for the public.

They installed beautiful pink seesaws at the US-Mexico border. Children in the area came up to play on it with their families.

Watch the video below and know more about the pink seesaws installed on the US-Mexico border, that can break the barriers.

Image Credits: Google Image

Sources: CBS News, The Guardian

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