Watch: In A Major Spoof Taking Over The Internet, There’s An ‘Evil’ Counterpart Of Virgin Mary

DISCLAIMER: The author has chosen to keep her identity private, because you never know what might offend fanatics enough to make them want to hunt you down.

If you’re active on Reddit, you might have noticed a hilarious spoof article that compares the Catholic Church to the popular video game, Super Mario.

It claims that the church has introduced a new character, “Waria,” the evil counterpart of the Virgin Mary.

  • She is “evil” because she enjoys premarital sex simply for the sake of orgasm.
  • She is fat, dressed in yellow, and has a bulbous nose and zig-zag moustache like Wario, the evil counterpart of Mario.
  • She throws bombs and yells “Mamma Mia” when defeated (just like Wario), apparently confirming that the Virgin Mother reigns supreme!

Watch the video here:

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It’s important to remember that this is just a spoof that tries to create similarities between the church (which has several active members), and the video game, which has several avid players.

It is not meant to offend anybody!

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Reddit, Waterford Whispers, Twitter

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