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Everyone is now familiar with the concept of Snapchat streaks a.k.a Snap streaks and how they work. Sending a snap for the sake of the streak has become a routine in most of our lives.

Some use it to measure their friendship, some use it to evaluate their importance in someone’s life and some use it as a way of deciding commitments and priorities.

The Good Side Of Snap Streaks:

Snaps for the sake of snap streaks take minimal time and effort to send, but they do take time and effort.

For a guy like me who has issues with committing to any particular thing in general, I was able to commit to a streak with certain people. Even though a trivial achievement, I did something continuously for 177 days!

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Snapchat is a place where you can send people meaningless things without thinking twice because the photos disappear. So people don’t hesitate to send you snaps and it can also be interpreted as them being comfortable with you.

Snap streak can be used as a piece of physical evidence for people committing to each other. It’s a cooler way to connect with friends every day and showing them a bit of your everyday life.

The Bad Side:

Like I said before, people often use it to evaluate their importance in someone’s life and often mistake commitment on streaks with an actual commitment.

I have seen my friends assume the person on the other side of the streak is interested in them just because they have a big number on the side of the name.

Sometimes friendships are broken, grudges are held over the failure to maintain streak and the worst for me is getting a call to send a snap just so the streak can be maintained!

Snap streaks are here to stay. If you are on Snapchat, you can’t not be a part of a streak with someone if they try to start one with you. It’s on us how we derive a number on the side of their name, could be more than what it is or cannot mean anything at all.

A bittersweet part of our lives indeed!

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