Watch: How ‘Theyyam’ A Ritualistic Dance Form Breaks Caste Barriers

Art has the power to erase all boundaries

‘Theyyam’ is a popular dance form in Kerala, India. It is a mixture of Dravidian, Aryan, and tribal elements. It is performed in temples and other holy places annually from December to April.

The dance is accompanied by the melodic tunes of Chenda, Elathalam, Veekkuchenda, and Kurumkuzal.

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Once dressed in his majestic costume, the performer is seen as god by the people who seek his blessings.

These performers belong to lower castes and such is the magic of ‘Theyyam’ that for a while the boundaries of caste are forgotten.

Here’s how ‘Theyyam’ transcends the caste barriers:

So if you’re planning to visit Kerala in the coming months be sure to add the experience of watching ‘Theyyam’ in your list.

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