Watch: How Artists Use Colors To Communicate Complex Emotions

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In the early decades of filmmaking, black and white cinematography was prominent. Different angles of light and shadows were used to portray emotions. In the mid-1900s, color cinematography replaced black and white.

Color in films gave artists a game-changing tool to tell stories and express various emotions. Colors can affect us in many ways without us even knowing. 

How Artists Use Colors To Communicate Complex Emotions


In some movies, the color red is often used to represent anger, fear, dread. In others, it portrays love, sensuality, and hope. High energy and fast-paced music usually fall under the “red” music category. In paintings, red attracts people’s attention. 

It is a contradictory color that stands for love and violence. In novels such as Jane Eyre, red is used for a dramatic effect. It is often used to symbolize aggression and passion.

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Blue represents calmness and peace, but it sometimes portrays destruction. Snape’s memory in Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 has different shades of blue. It shows the ending of many lives, sadness, and grief. 

Various artists use blue to show expansiveness, similar to the skies and oceans. It is also considered a very masculine color but gives a soft and soothing vibe. The shades of blue often portray a character with wisdom and steadiness.

Next time when you watch a movie or go to an exhibition, make sure to notice how the colors are impacting that piece of art!

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