Watch: Things For Which We Need To Be Thankful To PETA

Animals are family!

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) founded in 1980, with its 2 members has, ever since, been advocating for animal rights and against animal cruelty.

For all that PETA is, and all that PETA’s done

Being the world’s most controversial animal rights organization, PETA has faced resistance of all sorts. Newkirk and Pacheco (a couple) out of their compassion and humble persona, started PETA.

Newkirk and Pacheco, co-founders, PETA

There’s no atrocity that PETA hasn’t called out, and no inhumane experiment that PETA hasn’t stopped, although with friction from many adamant and brutal organizations keeping animals at their disposal.

Exposing horrific conditions and leading police raids, PETA made a national name for itself. Its undercover operations have been known to highlight widespread issues of injustice to animals and have amplified the voice of these helpless, mute beings.

As for its campaigns and stunts, PETA leaves no stone unturned.

Eleanor Sippings against fur
campaign against animal abuse for classroom experiments
victim of fashion
against animal cruelty
human barbecue showcasing Meat is Murder
abhorring elephant rides
Animal rights activists against animal abuse for entertainment
victim of taste
Anti-fur campaign

From involving celebrities to incorporating its members for the agenda: covered in blood, wearing body paint, elaborately dressed (or not dressed at all), PETA has outdone itself every single time.

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But being titled extremists, all that PETA has done for us, for the world, and animals specifically, seems to get overlooked. For such acts to go unacknowledged, and animal welfare to blur amidst capitalist propaganda is terrible.

With rows over PETA‘s advocation for going vegetarian/vegan as well as boycotting products procured via animal abuse, the adamant attitude of many corporations seems quite baffling.

People refusing to give up their part in animal abuse, and instead, calling out PETA has bothered me, which is why I have put together this video listing of some of the things for which we need to be thankful to PETA.

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Sources: History, PETA, India Times

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