Women are known to have an immune system stronger than that of men, but in the case of autoimmune diseases, the strength of their immune system acts as a disadvantage.

A whopping 80% of all patients with autoimmune diseases are women and girls. In order to build a society that respects all genders equally, it is important to understand the disorders that affect each gender.

In India, most people are aware of the diseases that affect men but diseases that affect women are still not talked about openly. Proper medication is not available for these diseases, and most ailing women die without being discovered or medicated.

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In order to be sensitive to the needs of women, we have to understand their problems. So, we made a little video of our own that talks about some of the diseases that affect women more than men.

Through this video, we hope to spread awareness about their diseases:

We hope you liked this video.

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Sources: The Washington Post, Medicine Net, Thyroid Foundation + more

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