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Entering into the realm of commitment phobia can make you hash out a concern in one’s mind past the point of being helpful.

And you race back home after having clocked out of your 9-10 hour work attendance for a night of restful sleep.

All you need is to turn your brain off and enjoy the solitary peace of mind!!

But your mind riddled with today’s worries and tomorrow’s ‘to-do’s’ pretty much leads to the sad demise of sleep.

P.S. RIP to all those hours of sleep I have lost to overthinking!!

Sleep Disorder

I have got 99 problems and most of them are made-up scenarios in my mind I am stressing about for absolutely no logical reason.

Do you feel stupid enough anticipate a solution based on the intensity of that rumination?

I am yelling in my mind, “ No food for thoughts, please”.

The next time I am making my bed and tucking myself into the comfort of a warm cozy blanket, I better not think about thoughts inducing anxiety over the stages of a mental breakdown.

To hell with obsessive concerns ruining my dreamscape before drifting off to sleep!!

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Second Best Option?

I am not much into yoga or mediation but I read in a monthly magazine that early morning exercises can reduce the amount of extra thinking.

By the time I fall flat cutting out extra meat in my body or building an aerobic base, I dwell on the idea that post-exercise drop in temperature may promote falling asleep.

Sleep Disorder

I need two bottles of water beside my bed to focus on the good things in my bed-time rumination list which can get exhaustive at times.

The last option is easing myself into non-working mode before sleep.

I admit that the night-time world offers the perfect timing for self-indulgent thoughts.

Instead of trapping my mind into the vicious cycle of revisiting the much-avoided “concern” without making further progress, I choose to pick up a book or listen to something light.

Although I suck big time at creating my own space between “work” and “time”, I feel the need to enforce few hours of device-free time or leisure time.

I will be on the brink of self-control loss if I don’t worry. I would rather designate a worrying-time by meeting with a mastermind group at work or blowing my steam off with friends.

My brain needs to know that sleep-time is not the right time for thinking about an issue.

There is a slice of the quote that helps me retain my composure when I fall back spiraling out of control.

“The future will be what it will, and fretting about it will only make your fears more likely to come true.” 
― Christopher PaoliniInheritance

Take a piece of advice from a classic ruminator and I ensure you won’t ditch your precious sleep-time!!

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Sources: Fast Company, Mysleepbutton

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