Watch: Anime Movies That Will Make You Fall In Love With The Genre

Have you watched these masterpieces?

Animated movies have always been synonymous to children’s movies in the eyes of the general public. Frankly, that has been the case in the animation genre, until Anime- a Japanese animation styled movies and television series stepped in.

Anime movies dwell in complex themes and heart wrenching tales and are a genre filled with masterpieces.

So let us take a look at few of those Anime movies that will make you fall in love with the genre:

5 Centimeters Per Second

This heartfelt piece by Makoto Shinkai is a story of Takaki. The trilogy of three interconnected short movies takes you through the emotional journey of the protagonist.

This coming of age story test love and takes the audience through Takaki’s frustrations, responsibility and adult obligations.

My Neighbor Totoro

This movie is a child-oriented movie that can make any adult cry. Set in post-war Japan, this is a story of two sisters. While adults deal with the after-effects of war, the two sisters find a company in ‘dust spirits’.

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Perfect Blue

Hitchcock fans would love a psychological thriller like this. Coming out from the ‘fantasy story’ boundaries, Perfect Blue is about an actress who gradually loses herself in the fame and media coverage.

Your Name 

Also known as Kimi No Na Wa, this movie is another Makoto Shinkai masterpiece. Tied by the threads of fate, two strangers, living two separate lives find themselves in a bizarre situation.

As they switch places under mysterious circumstances, the two of them learn to adjust their lives around each other by leaving notes.

Spirited Away

Spirited Away is a dreamlike ‘Alice in Wonderland’ styled tale of a lost girl. As 10-year-old Chihiro, stumbles across an abandoned amusement park, she realizes the park to be possessed by supernatural beings.

As her parents turn to pigs, she needs to figure out a way to free herself and her parents. This Hayao Miyazaki story is a surreal experience with many layers.

Although animated movies and TV has always been considered something that is meant for children’s entertainment, it is this genre that deals with multiple layers of human life. Along with exploring human emotions, complications, and life, this genre’s movies are much more than ‘just a movie’. If you are someone who loves a good story, anime is worth a try.

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