Watch: 7 Indian Web Series That Massively Enhanced The Standard Of Acting And Script

These web series have surely set the bar quite high!

The pandemic has been hard on everyone but it has definitely invited OTT platforms into Indian households. While it has been seen that there has been a sharp increase in the usage and subscription to OTT platforms, we cannot write it off completely as a result of the pandemic.

In fact, OTT platforms have become much more popular due to the content they are featuring. With binge-watching series being the new trend nowadays, shows like Sacred Games, Mirzapur, and Made In Heaven have garnered headlines due to their plot and an ensemble cast.

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Fans keep waiting for new seasons to feature so eagerly that at the time Sacred Games Season 2 was supposed to feature on Netflix, the servers crashed due to an immense increase in traffic!

Also, widely popular due to comparatively lesser content regulation, web series have surely become part of household viewing traditions.

Here, we present to you 7 Indian web series that have completely changed the viewership scenario.

Streaming content on OTT platforms has surely changed the way we consume content. Have you seen these shows already? If not they are definitely worth a watch!

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