Watch: 5 Lesser Known Facts About India’s Financial Capital, Mumbai

Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, is known for its breathtaking beaches, drool-worthy shoreline, exorbitant housing costs and humongous buildings and infrastructure.

While Delhi is the national capital, India’s financial capital falls in the Mumbai city of Maharashtra. Near the sea, the city every year faces floods and water-clogging but the sea still continues to enchant its inhabitants and visitors alike.

While the city is very much alive at all times, except the dreadful monsoon when lanes are filled with water and roads are jam-packed, the city isn’t just of importance because of its financial characteristics or the existence of the entertainment industry.

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There is more to the city, which has largely remained unexplored however, today, let’s unearth some unknown facts about aamchi Mumbai which will surely give you a virtual tour of the city.

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