Watch: 5 Dead Languages Of India

The most basic entity of human cognition, communication, identity, and history is language. It is never constant and keeps evolving with time and caters to societal and cultural changes. It is an integral part of the story of the human race.

Most indigenous languages do not have a written script. The loss of people who speak these languages that are culturally so rich and tainted with history owing to old age, migration and amalgamation of other languages threatens to obliterate them.

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These languages provide a look behind the curtain and into the lives of the indigenous tribes, into a region’s nooks and crannies starting from the origin of a place, the middle and the end.

However, when a language slowly dies, the story and history of an entire region die along with it. With the loss of language comes the loss of everything in culture and the loss of solidarity, the loss of Man himself.

Hence, let us know in your comments if there’s any interesting trivia that you would know about these dead languages!

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Sources: The Indian Express, Indian Tribal Heritage, The Economic Times

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