Watch: 5 Controversial Logos That Companies Were Forced To Change

The worst logo list

Logos are an important way for companies to stand out from the rest—all marketers know the impact of a good and unique logo. There is always a thin line between a good and a bad one. 

Companies should keep up with logo trends. They should try and keep it simple but then again, too simple doesn’t sit well, and not being catchy can be a problem too. Designers make the final call and it is they who take the blame for a failed one too. 

Rebranding or redesigning always has the potential to stir up strong emotions and reactions, whether it is amongst the design community itself or the general public.

Nowadays, with the help of social media, it’s easy for people to express their appreciation or criticize, make fun, and show a widespread dislike for the creative work done on the new logo. 

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They absolutely don’t shy away from this opportunity. Here is a list of the most disliked logos, which made people go “who approved these logos?”

Companies can play around as much as they want with their logos—they just need to try and not end up on the list of worst logos. 

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Sources: Times Of India, Business Insider, Creative Bloq, +More

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