Watch: 7 Apps Every Millennial Student Should Use

We all are surrounded by different kinds of technologies and apps that help us make our lives easier. And rightly so, we are depending on them for a lot of things.

Being a student is hard these days. So many assignments to do, so much rent to pay, so many things to do and a totally non-existent sleep schedule.

It would be great if we all could hire an assistant to wake us up, provide us with an extra shot of espresso and at least help us stick to our appointments.

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Since that is nearly impossible, we look to next alternative, our phones.

Our phones are with us all the time and they can do a lot more than giving us new filters. We have compiled a list of apps that can help you lead a better and more organised life.

Watch here the apps that can help you manage your money, your schedule and almost anything.

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Sources:- Oxbridge Academy, Top Universities, LSE

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