Watch: 5 Battles That Changed India’s History Forever

5 battles that made up the history of what we're reading today!

India is well-known for its diverse religion, culture, language, caste, architecture, food, and so on! But India was not always like what we’re seeing today. It took ages and some powerful forces for India to be called the most diverse country in the world.

It is the cradle of some of the most ancient human civilizations. From Harappa to the Aryans, or the Turks to the British, India’s path has been filled with adventure. Since the time of the Mahabharata, Indian territory has seen dynasties fall and new kingdoms rise. 

Warfare has always been a feature of human history. And the most integral contribution of India being diverse is its wars and battles.

The violence in the world has led to the establishment of new kingdoms, new faiths, and individual greats who have not only brought down regime changes but also paved the way for much-needed reform in countries’ socio-political systems. And India’s past is no exception.

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Let us know about some wars that have changed the history of India. 

These five main battles namely; Second battle of Tarain, First Battle of Panipat, Battle of Plassey, Third Battle of Panipat, Battle of Buxar have not only significantly carved the history that we know today, but also have changed the whole process of living in our country.

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Sources: India Times; National Interest; List of Indian Battles

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