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By Naman Singh

Now that everyone loves to write about their life a lot, why should we too wish to be somewhere behind? Yes, open any newspaper/magazine where the sense of life is given the utmost importance and, you will also observe how each of them seems to be a bit distinct from each other. Arguing on those lines, it may be valid to say that since each person is unique in their own world, so is his writing style. But firstly, throwing something really real at you would be intriguing. It is nothing but just a way of setting yourself apart from the others. Exactly! This is what we tend to think whenever we start doing anything ‘productive’ in our lives.

Different, unique, unconventional, unusual, hence, artistic and creative – this is one of the most significant paths that each of us aims to tread on. And, why not, as the world of competition always seeks something interesting. Wow! That truly appears to be like a tele advertisement that tries drilling the merits of a product into our heads with its ‘appealing’ punch lines. So, how desirous it is to stand amusing in the eyes of people nowadays! Though it is ‘unwise’ judge anyone’s passion for that matter, but what ‘interests’ me the most is the comedy of human existence. Obviously, being a literature student, my description of something called comedy is quite ‘different’ from that which others behold, but nonetheless, I deliberately wish to return to the popular notion of this ‘laughable’ term. Traditionally, in our country, we perceive comedy as something which makes one laugh and therefore, we ourselves are potential enough to laugh a lot and be healthy with this medicine.
Anyway, the track that was dealt above is that of the race of being ‘hatke’ in this world. Just wonder why this topic is so redundant. You must mull as to why all the same crap is being dealt with all and all over again. Several artists preaching the Art of Living have created a strong foothold in imparting all this with great conviction and which is quite an amazing thing, isn’t it? Now, coming back to ‘comedy’, isn’t it comic that how curious we all are to make tiny coteries for the good of society? Well, here, not just the  the ‘Science, Commerce and Humanities’ hierarchy  comes into picture but something much larger, for instance, the Art of Living. It emerges much well as a fact that half of the lives of masses belonging to this ‘stream’, is invested in constantly harkening upon the true sadhu-like essence of life, and which again sets them a-p-a-r-t.
Thereby, no one actually intends to deliver a lecture in order to make one introspect or else they will not be employing something ‘unusual’ in my writing style. But, just for a moment, be scientific. As this world believes in everything tangible and hates everything intangible, one could also use that technique to understand life which most of us cannot or do not in the ambit of thoughts and philosophy. Hence, all a poor student of the Art of Living should do is check his weight before dozing off at night. This is perhaps the best exercise to decipher what one owns at the end of each day they strongly try to prove their worth.

Now, some would sure find their weight to have increased and would automatically start associating it with the quantity of food they must have gobbled in a challenge to substantiate the extreme need to defeat their friends. While others would sail on a dreamlike journey of philosophy of hollowness of human rat-race and life on the whole, finally meeting its end somewhere in the middle of late night. It is valid to find my sentences with a pinch of sarcasm here but nowadays, something ‘else’ makes most of us feel better, that is, practising the art of laughter or comedy in its true Indian sense.
Hello! This is not a way to repress the sorrows of life deep down in the heart. In fact, it is that way! We usually try and laugh it all off because we know something is consuming us within and that it is foolish to say the same thing every time. But, as it is effectual to believe in science, it seems the more we try to examine the so-called ‘triviality of life’, the more it attracts us as a magnet. Hence, only laughter can help you too to be magnetic enough to cause repulsion from the brooding inner self. Moreover, it is a humble request to the reader to not view this as a sure shot mantra. Since, it is not so easy to reach out to everyone with the help of throat despite all tech advancements, only writing can be used as a medium. And as a ceremony to offer some effective solutions in the end of every piece, let us implement some sort of unconventionality. Thus, one sounds well if they regard me as someone who shifts in his resolve as that is what is actually required. As I accept, I do not have the capability to provide any kind of comforting consolation as for that, I usually make my body tremble and allow my teeth to grind to their optimum. You can have your own to beat your own insecurities but do not ever try to be an alien being but realise the humanness within. Also make sure that nothing stays static just like me. So, kick your mind’s buttocks and keep changing with the heart…


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