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OneRepublic – The Feel Good Band


By Chahat Sareen


Music is to the soul what words are to the mind.

You might have whistled along the “Good Life” tunes in your college days or you might have counted enough stars by now or you might have heard your own heartbreak story in their song “apologize”. One Republic in a broad sense is a truly entrancing group.

When asked about the vibrational style of music, songwriter/singer/producer Ryan Tedder described:

“We’re no respecter of genre. If it’s a good song or a good artist whether rock, pop, indie or hip hop, they’ve probably influenced us on some level…nothing’s new under the sun, we’re a sum of a bunch of parts.”

Formed way back in 2002 by Tedder and Zack Filkins (now a guitarist and a vocalist) it rose to popularity in 2007 when Timbaland Remixed “apologize” and it gained 4.3 million downloads in America alone which also won them a Grammy nomination.

They have made 3 albums till date with the help of their band members Eddie Fisher, Bent Kutzle, Drew Brown, and former members Jerrod Bettis & Tim Myres.

Following are their Studio Albums.





AllMusic rating: 3/5

Top songs

  • Apologize
  • Stop & Stare
  • Say (All I Need)
  • Come home

Ryan Tedder has written every lyric from his heart and it’s just so singable exactly the way he wants his music to be. Apologize was a massive hit internationally, reaching number one in sixteen countries and their remix which featured in Timbalands Shock Value album. The swelling guitars give you a mellow mood and very powerful, melodious and inspiring music and hearing them knocks on the door of your emotions. They have been featured in several TV shows and movies including Hill, Vampire Diaries & Cold Case.




Allmusic rating: 2.5/5

Top songs

  • Good Life
  • Secrets
  • All the right moves
  • Marchin on

You cannot go wrong with their “all the right moves” and once you listen to it you will have a really “good life”. They have some drifty soother songs like Lullaby. This album has some really astounding beats and sailing piano tunes. They display their versatility and every lyric put together brings an all-new meaning to what we call music. Every song is incredibly catchy. A German TV channel, as their official FIFA 2010 World cup anthem selected the song “Marchin On”. Inspiring indeed!

The song “Good Life” is featured on the advertisements for the films ‘Eat Pray Love’ and One day as well as advertisements for ‘Disneyland’ and ‘Honda’.





Allmusic rating: 3.5/5

Top songs

  • If I lose Myself – Alesso version
  • Counting Stars
  • What you wanted
  • Feel again

This is one of their most solid works. Since they aren’t fixed at genre you can’t say that they have deviated, but it’s a more poppy album altogether from the previous ones. “If I lose myself” can move you in leaps and bounds and will put you in a very different state. The music will alter the meaning of your experience radically. The sounds of choirs, piano and guitar weave in and out provoking a soulful feeling in you. It supersizes some amazing pop anthems. It’s such a strong album that it’ll change the way you hear other bands.

Their song “What you wanted” will soon be featuring in the movie ‘The Fault in Our Stars’. The album debuted number 4 on the Billboard 200.

So if you haven’t heard their music yet go all ears to it because OneRepublic gives you the most satisfying sound of life with meaning to it.

They are inexhaustible!



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