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Sheer Clothing: Tease to Please?


By Chahat Sareen



Sheer fabric is made by using thin thread or low density of knit resulting in a semi-transparent and flimsy cloth. Though sheer clothing had emerged in the world of fashion from the 1920’s but our fairly popular sheer stockings didn’t emerge as a trend until now. The see through fashion came in much before but the sheer material was covered with opaque garments underneath. And with that said here we are in the 21st century playing some peek-aboo and well, why not? If you’ve got it, you ought to flaunt it!

Sheer has been a whopping trend in the spring/summer 2013 and some major fashionista’s were spotted stealing the limelight in the sexy fabric leaving little to our imaginations while plenty of them committing social blunders in going over the board in baring! Still it’s a heart stealer among the gorgeous ladies. A big hit in Hollywood with major celebs spotted adorning the airy, light and edgy look exposing their bewitching bodies!

Here’s a sneak peek!!


1                                                                        2


Selena Gomez rocked the red carpet at VMA’s 2013 with her ultra sexy Versace sheer bralette dress! You surely make us want to “come and get it” Selena!

5                4(1)                6


K-Stew loves to be sheering it out all the time adorning most of the lovely, sultry creations by Zuhair Murad! However the butt flash in the beige gown is a bit too much of sharing with the sheer! We don’t want so much exploration!

8                                      9


Rihanna’s not exactly known for her preservation of skin and we can tell that by her near naked appearances on the red carpet! She grabbed too much attention on those assets in mesh white gown by Sean Paul Gaultier on the Grammy Awards 2011 and she stunned the arena with her Elie Saab embellished floral deep maroon gown! Too flashy Riri!



Kim Kardashian knows how to team up black sheer and skin to flaunt her spine tingling curves and sometimes her baby bump too and once in a while a cleavage flash here and there keeps her male peeps happy!!Scandalous Kim!


Howbeit Bollywood hasn’t gone over the board with the bare it all trend. Reason we all know! It’s a little unsafe to dress like that and be up and about boasting our figures with prying eyes and all that scary male attention! Still the way the Indian designers use sheer is commendable, they very well know how to preserve the wearers modesty. They have picked on the versatile sari’s and lehengas and transformed the meaning of designing. Though most of us would think twice about copying this latest trend, these hotties have no qualms about showing off their sensual sides!

Here’s a look!

16           15            14                 12

The slim trim, dusky model turned actress Deepika Padukone is a flawless dresser. She blends opaque and sheer elegantly and manages to woo every onlooker with her charming smile! Hands down Padukone!


24            23              21


Priyanka Chopra is known to have the killer figure in Btown. And she has an exact idea of how to give a peek-aboo at what she holds best, be it a sexy black-laced blouse Sari or be it a pop sequined sheer dress. Priyanka can sport any look with her dusky skin popping out the sheer cloth and carrying herself splendidly with all that grace all that body!


53   ei-131522   Katrina Kaif Femina Magazine February 2014 Photoshoot Images (2)

Lastly we have Katrina Kaif who boosts the new fad with her sumptuous presence in sheer! The Beautiful actress played with the cloth in both western and Indian outfits and looked stunning simultaneously maintaining her poise.


With everyone indulging their wardrobe with the new style here’s what you should know about sheer. Since it’s a very dainty piece of cloth it should always be paired with another piece of lining to avoid those skin leaks and public displays! Before you wear it think what you want to accentuate in your body. Say if you’ve got great arms go for sheer sleeves, side sheer slits to add oomph to those curves and then team it up with a big smile to delight the world!Behold the secret! If you’re planning to show off some lingerie make sure your straps are pulled on tight! Trust me, you don’t want the world to see what you’ve kept hidden for so long.. Do you ?

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