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Vincent Peters’ (@vincenpeters) shares the AI cloned voice of Dr. Martin Luther King


Now that the entire world has seen the hologram of Robert Kardashian that Kanye West gave to his wife  Kim Kardashian’s for her 40th birthday.  Let’s not forget that earlier this week inheritance AI’s Chief Designer Vincent Peters shared a demo, via his personal Instagram, of inheritance’s ability to clone human voices.  

In the post a digital version of Dr. Martin Luther King speaks about the inheritance team only needing 8 minutes of audio to create a clone of Dr. King’s voice.

The demo is thought provoking as it states the inheritance team will eventually make a fully autonomous version of Dr. King that looks, talks and thinks like him. Not sure how feasible this all is but judging from the video that Kim posted this week we may be seeing inheritance’s version of Dr. King in the near future.

We reached out to Vincent for his  thoughts about Kim’s gift and he sent us the written statement below:

Kim’s gift was undoubtedly a well thought out gift and meant with the best of intentions. In the space of photo realistic , volumetric representations and AI the model was very Mickey Mouse. The technology required to produce the hologram of Robert Kardashian has been available since 2012. A hologram of Tupac performed at Coachella in 2012. What people are truly looking for are dynamic representations of their loved ones and historical figures that can listen, learn and evolve, which is exactly what inheritance AI has created.

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