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Trillest Entertainment Continues to Dominate the Digital Music Industry


Anthony, the CEO of Trillest Entertainment is no stranger when it comes to turning nothing into something. The natural born hustler from Providence, Rhode Island is the embodiment of a true entrepreneur. Coming from a single parent upbringing and having two younger siblings, Anthony was forced to grow up quickly and find a way to provide for himself and his family. From a very young age Anthony was continuously moving all around the country and always thinking of new creative ways to make money. The fast lifestyle he was living eventually caught up to him. When he was a sophomore in high school (usually seen wearing $10k+ in jewelry and designer clothing) Anthony was indicted as the key suspect in an undercover investigation for his involvement in a multifaceted mail and wire fraud operation, which quickly garnered national media attention.

At the same time, Anthony had just lost his father who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly from a massive heart attack and his mother was battling breast cancer and unemployment. Growing up, Anthony continued to watch all his family and friends disappear, some naturally and others through their choices. His close friend from school passed away from a drug overdose, while his other friend got locked up for several years. Everyone around him was suffering or struggling, however, Anthony separated himself from those people because he saw they had no future and knew he would have none either if he continued associating with them. Instead, Anthony continued to follow his own path while staying resilient and persistent on becoming successful.

Not having anything growing up motivated Anthony to find a way to do what he had to in order to survive and make a better life for himself. While no excuse for breaking the law, the ex-felon turned CEO justifies his actions by saying he was simply exploiting a flaw in a money wire transfer service which made it possible for anyone to receive money under any name without any identification. Anthony saw it as more of an opportunity then a crime, considering the people he was taking money from were already rich and losing a few hundred dollars wouldn’t affect them as much as it would his family not being able to eat.

Facing up to 30 years in prison on multiple felony charges, Anthony got the best attorney money could buy and had his sentence reduced to 30 days and 5 years probation after accepting a plea deal. This was due to his remarkable character as a person and no previous criminal record. However, Anthony calls it a true miracle from God because stuff like this just doesn’t happen in life. If he didn’t have thousands of dollars for a private attorney, along with God’s grace, chances are he wouldn’t be free today.

Given a rare second chance at a new life, Anthony quickly turned his life around and made the best of this opportunity. He went on to become the first in his family to graduate from college, with honors, earning a degree in Sociology. Soon after, he was released off probation early for good behavior, got his criminal record expunged, and started travelling the world. Since then, it has only been up for Anthony who continues to build and grow his empire, Trillest Entertainment.

Having experienced what Anthony went through as a teenager provoked him to take a pivotal turn in his life by recognizing that the quick money doesn’t last and the quicker it comes, the quicker it goes. Anthony studied sociology and graduated at the top of his class making the Dean’s List. Anthony believes that ”we should not be defined or limited by our past circumstances, or socioeconomic background, but by what we do about it to change it.” 

In Anthony’s words, “you create your own destiny”…”Nobody gave me anything or helped me with anything. Everything I got, I achieved myself by being diligent and resilient…”But that’s only half of it, you also got to be ambitious and creative, and make sure you add value in whatever it is you do in life”. Anthony says, There are two types of people in life, “those who make excuses, and those who make it happen”. Anthony continues doing just that, making things happen for  tens of thousands of artists all around the world.

Hip-hop has always been a part of Anthony´s life, identity, and cultural upbringing. Having lived all across America, knowing the streets of both the east and west coast played a major part in forming who he became. After living all over the continent, Anthony decided to move to Hawaii, where he lived for 10 years. He then decided to travel the world and continues to do so today living abroad while continuing to build a global digital empire.

Trillest Entertainment now works with the majority of the most well-known hip hop artists in the world including Styles P, Jadakiss, Dave East, Sheek Louch, The Game, Devin the Dude, E-40, Mistah Fab, Hitta Slim, Chopper City, Fat Joe, Cool & Dre, and many others. One would say Anthony has accomplished all of his dreams but the CEO continues to keep building and says “the sky’s the limit, there’s always room for growth and improvement in whatever you do in life”. This idea of accomplishing your goals is ever-present today as Anthony’s digital media empire continues to thrive in the midst of a global pandemic and break unexpected new heights in levels of recognition, success, and accomplishment.

This quick-thinking kid from the streets who never had a 9-5 a day in his life, transformed himself into the CEO of one of the world’s most recognized PR companies in the industry. Anthony continues to implement new strategies to adapt to these changing times, which he says is crucial for success in any business. When asked what the future is for Trillest Ent., the CEO expressed detailed blueprints of launching his own magazine and clothing company, while continuing to provide new promotional strategies for artists looking to gain global exposure.

Trillest Entertainment continues to dominate the music industry working with 10k+ artists annually all over the world making it possible for independent and major artists to get their music featured on the top media outlets and playlists. What makes Trillest Ent. unique is they work with artists of all budgets and backgrounds. According to the CEO, Anthony, “the primary focus of the company is to provide artists with real promotion and real results”. “In this industry reputation is everything, if you Google us you won’t find one bad review or complaint, not too many businesses can say that”. Trillest Entertainment is perhaps one of the most remarkable success stories of entrepreneurship.



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