In today’s time when nuclear families in 3 BHK apartments have become the norm, coronavirus is an added bane to the increasing complexities of modern-day lifestyle. But it is not all bad. And it does not all end with dejection and despair. 

In fact, we have a victory story to share with you all. It might give you the strength and courage you were looking for in these trying times of an unprecedented second wave of coronavirus in the country. 

28-years-old Eshita from Pune contracted the virus in the initial days of April 2021. She has a family of three. And although all of them had different symptoms, they decided to get a test done and tested positive for COVID-19 within the first week of the month. 

In a story that Eshita shared with TOI, she revealed that they were home quarantined and did not feel the necessity to get admitted to a hospital. She added that due to rising cases of coronavirus in Pune at that time, it took them some time to avail themselves of the testing facilities. They were charged more than the standard rate of the RTPCR test. 

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Eshita recollects that her symptoms that started with body ache and lethargy developed into mild fever and cough and cold. She also lost her sense of smell and taste. It was worsened with constant headaches and mild chest pains. Although she experienced occasional shortness of breath, her oxygen levels remained above 95%.

 Since her parents also suffered from extreme weakness, they were in no position to do all the work by themselves. They ordered meals from outside. 

However, with the right medications and by following all the instructions given by their doctor, they were able to overcome the deadly virus. Although they have tested negative now, they are still adhering to the basic guidelines to recover from the post-COVID-19 symptoms. 

Eshita is still somewhat suffering from tastelessness and loss of sense of smell. Light-cooked meals along with nutrients, food supplements, and enough quantity of water is a must according to Eshita, to recover from the after-effects of the virus. 

Having a balanced diet and taking sufficient rest is important to fight the virus

Her little piece of advice to all the COVID-19 patients out there is that they should not lose their calm after testing positive. Besides having a well-balanced diet, taking rest is important to get back to your feet after a tiring battle with the virus. 

Therefore, our parting mantra would be to stay positive and test negative!

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Sources: The Times of India

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