Art heals. Art inspires. Art uplifts. And in the case of award-winning artist Tysen Knight, art is paying it forward. This young and popular street artist has not only left a colourful mark on the streets of Downtown Palm Springs but has also created a legacy of inspiration and empowerment for future generations through his Tysen Knight Scholarship Fund.

Knight’s journey in the world of art is nothing short of remarkable. His vibrant and eye-catching artwork has adorned park benches, large murals, and installations throughout our valley, captivating the hearts of both locals and visitors alike. His talent isn’t limited to the streets; he’s also made a name for himself as a filmmaker, producing the acclaimed documentary “The Art of Hustle: Homeless Street Artist” in 2018. This film shed light on local street artists experiencing homelessness and won numerous awards, highlighting Knight’s commitment to using his art as a platform for social change.

However, what truly sets Tysen Knight apart is his dedication to giving back to the community that has embraced his artistry. He’s not content with just creating beautiful pieces; he wants to share the transformative power of art with others. Knight understands that not every artist experiences the same level of success he has, and he remains profoundly grateful for his artistic journey.

“Every project I am blessed to be a part of guides me forward in greater purpose, positivity, and artistic abilities,” he says. “I know how fortunate I am to be able to make a living from what I love to do.”

Knight’s desire to inspire others led him to establish a youth mentoring program, where he teaches art to young students in collaboration with local school districts. Many of these students had never held a paintbrush before, but Knight believes in the ability of art to express emotions, conflicts, and complicated feelings.

“My main goal is with every paintbrush stroke I can inspire the community, families, and students to live their highest life condition. It is my passion and my mission,” he affirms.

To amplify his impact, Knight has initiated a scholarship program known as the Tysen Knight Scholarship Fund. This program is designed to assist high school students who aspire to pursue an education and career in the arts. Through his art mentoring programs, Knight has witnessed firsthand how art can spark something truly special in young people and potentially be life-changing.

Every year, Knight selects one or more students to be the recipients of the Tysen Knight Scholarship Fund. He funds the program himself through the sales of his art, with a portion of the proceeds from his artwork sales on dedicated to this noble cause. Additionally, Knight welcomes grants and donations to further finance his scholarships.

“It is so important to me to pay the blessings forward until the culture of the community is filled with abundance and opportunities for all,” he emphasizes.

Art has the power to heal, inspire, and uplift, and thanks to the generosity of this remarkable local artist, the transformative influence of art will continue to enhance lives in countless ways for generations to come. Tysen Knight’s legacy is not only his vibrant artwork but also the countless young artists he inspires to dream and create.


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