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By Sanuj Shah



Many of us have often wondered what it would be like to leave the hustle-bustle of life and set out to travel. With the monotonous routine we follow as students and adults, life seems like a circle as we end up coming back to the same point. The same people, the same city and the same food makes our lives ‘lifeless.’ We always love adding a little color to everything we do. We always love to witness a change. We know that there are always some places in the world where adventure wouldn’t be hard to find. We love to travel.

People think that going on a vacation requires a lot more than choosing places and booking tickets.  Many wonder who would be the best people to travel with. Friends, family or someone else ? The long process of selecting destinations, booking tickets and packing clothes makes traveling seem like tedious process. They always think that traveling requires planning and people. It would be difficult for many of us even think of traveling alone. To just pick up your backpack, take a camera, stuff your wallet with money and off you go. Have you ever wondered what would it be like to travel without a plan? To travel alone ?

Going on a tour with just yourself in one of the best things you could do. It becomes even better when you do not know your next destination. The excitement then runs on double its speed. Agreed that traveling with friends or family can be rewarding for the moments you share together but you then tend to miss out on one very important part of the destination you go to – the people. Traveling solo allows you to share your journey with new people. You have the opportunity to share experiences and stories with each other, make new friends and be a little more social. It is like meeting people who never existed in your life before you met them and probably won’t even after you meet them. All you keep with yourself are their stories. Stories of the amazing people you met. Stories you will be eager to tell your friends and your children for those stories leave that unfathomable sense of happiness which is difficult to express.




When you travel alone, you don’t have a million things to worry about. The people you meet and the places you go to always direct you to an unexplored place you should visit. That is when the adventure begins. You plan to go somewhere and you end up in a completely different location. Traveling alone brings you out of your comfort zone. You try different cuisines, meet new people, abandon all the luxuries and overcome your fears. You make your own decisions about places, food and people. You learn to belong to yourself. You are free from all the obligations of life. You are away from all your closed ones who are an important part of your life. You are for once, with yourself.

There are times when people fall in love while traveling solo. You meet like-minded people who share your interests and hobbies. At times people just click. Traveling alone allows you to spend time with that person. It allows you to explore your personality. You can be who you want without being judged. In the process of discovering places you get an opportunity to discover yourself. You feel like a bird let out of a cage. You fly careless to experience what we usually call Freedom!



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