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Luck, Chance or Something More?


By Sanuj Shah

You do believe in chance? Can all random events be always attributed to co-incidence? Are successful people always ‘lucky’? We often hear people say that they were at the right place and at the right time. There are some significant events in our lives which either leaves us overwhelmed or in profound disappointment. In the moments of success we often conclude that it was meant to happen. We justify our achievements on the grounds of hard work, dedication and a little bit of luck.

Our failures always have the opposite effect. When we have sufficient reasons, it is justified by the lack of focus, absence of hard work and inadequacy of luck. To take abstract examples, when you fail to achieve your goal does it always mean that you were over-ambitious? Was it something that was never meant to happen to you? Probably you weren’t capable enough to achieve what you had dreamt. But what if I was to say that you were. What if you were as competent as anyone else to achieve whatever you wanted? The first question you would reply with is “Then why did I not?”


                         “And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it”

All of us are made of up of matter. Even the atom when divided into the smallest possible part is made up of pure energy. This means that everything that exists in this universe is made up of energy. We all think, which means we all have thoughts which are generated in our mind. By the same logic thoughts are nothing by vibrations of energy. When we feel good we are radiating positive thoughts. Everything around us is cheerful. Everything that happens is always in our favour. Good things are followed by better things. However, once unfavourable events start occurring, usually it is followed by worse incidents. You fail an examination, you lose the gift your mother had given you, you fall down the steps and embarrass yourself. It all feels as if nothing can ever go right. You start thinking what if something bad happens again. You start living in fear and to your horror things don’t become better.  The domino effect comes into play.

By now your mind must have been flooded with questions. It must be seeking innumerable answers. What could be the reason behind all these things which happen in our lives? It is the Law of Attraction. This law states that “like attracts like.” It is based on the popular belief that your thoughts are responsible for all the action that occur around you. If you radiate positive thoughts, good things will occur around you and negative thoughts could make things go bad. There are times when you wake up late and start thinking that you will be late for work or class. Then you either miss your bus or your car breaks down. It is like a sequence of unfavourable events occurring at the same time. These continuous unfavourable outcomes can be attributed to the Law of Attraction.



People might argue that this law doesn’t have any scientific credibility. They might say that it is misleading but then again there are millions who believe in religion and the concept of God. Just like the belief in a higher power or God exists so does this law. In fact this law is a combination of both beliefs. Quantum physics states that energy exists in the way of vibrations. A solid so as to say isn’t a solid but energy vibrating at a very slow frequency. Quantum physics also states that like frequencies attract each other. In the context of this law, your thoughts have a particular frequency. When you radiate out thoughts in a particular frequency they start vibrating in the same frequency which exists in the universe, thereby inducing similar actions. Religion and the concept of God also states in the existence of a higher power, a power which is nothing but energy. People believe that this energy guides them. They radiate their belief through their thoughts. Things which then happen are attributed to the presence of God, the higher power which ensures if people get or do not get something.

Why does the student who tops your class continues to do so every year? Why has Manchester United continued to fail with almost a similar line-up after the retirement of Alex Ferguson? Why do the best sportsmen come from small towns where they have lesser opportunities? Is it all co-incidences? Or it is all chance? Maybe this entire law is flawed. Maybe randomness exists in every aspect of life. Maybe this law makes you irrationally reason everything that happens to you or around you. You might still argue that your question hasn’t been answered. Think again….. maybe you already know the answer.

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