Pragya Gogoi

Award winning young author Pragya Gogoi is now a familiar name in contemporary Indian literature. A small-town girl hailing from Assam, she made her debut with “Whispers of a Nyctophile” that not only became a bestseller but also created world records. A versatile writer with expertise over many genres, she recently made it to the list of 100 Inspiring authors of India. She has also co-authored 10 books and has written for many magazines. Her debut book has been featured multiple times in must-read recommendations by Hindustan Times, The Outlook India, The Week Magazine etc. A current engineering undergraduate, Pragya’s contribution to literature has won her more than 10 glorious awards.

Namita Das

Namita Das is an engineer who used to write software programs and codes but her heart was always set on writing creatively. So, she stroked her pen and started blogging. A quick visit to her website is a stress buster with snazzy humorous writing pieces that keep readers abreast with the latest happenings. She is the author of the hilarious book ‘It’s Punny… Oops, I mean Funny’ and its sequel, a bonus shortie ‘Happily Technically, Ever After!’ Her experience of having lived in the maximum city, Mumbai and worked with corporate bigwigs like Infosys, Accenture and J.P. Morgan Chase explains the cosmopolitan nature of her novella.

While being a passionate writer she is also a mother to a toddler. With the many joys and wonders of motherhood that she has experienced, Namita also writes tiny tales for pre-school pupils and one of her books “Keen Little Kuku” is expected to be out anytime soon.

Ka’Ron Gaines

Written by the literary superstar Ka’Ron Gaines, Woke Seed Book is based on a story based around a child named Light who visits his Uncle’s place without having plans of doing so. This unplanned trip sees Light making new friends, having more fun and getting more ideas, he also manages to squeeze time to have deep and meaningful conversations with those around him and starts to develop a better understanding of life. The book has colourful pages which would make the reading experience, even more, better for your young ones.

Talking about the author, Gaines is a proud father, author, activist and entrepreneur. He has founded many initiatives which are successfully running all around the world. Apart from all this, he is also a recording artist and a talented artist. The amount of love that he has received from India especially after the release of his book is unprecedented and something that he admits to have not been expecting till some months back.

Shreya Dubey

Shreya Dubey is an author, poet, story teller, writer and an analyst by profession. She was an engineer student and now currently working in MNC in Hyderabad and has native as Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh. 

She has been writing from her 6th grade and continues do so far. Her writings are inspired from real life experiences and covers different segments, tranquility and storms of emotions. 

Growing up she always dreamt of becoming a novelist and a creative writer. 

Her interests are multifarious like her likes and dislikes. She loves writing, reading, blogging, photography, traveling and exploring. She is also a lovely singer and good dancer.

She is super sensitive about pets, animals and veganism. Loves to spend time with family and her doggo Ronnie. 

She is author for her upcoming debut poetry book titled “FOUR TOWNS FOR A HOME” and started working on her second book. She is coauthor of more than 20 best seller anthologies and still counting on. She has successfully released per special podcast on platforms like Spotify, gaana, jio music and many more with title “Don’t give up on hearts”. Apart from being a writer and poet, she is also a live host and reader with a big firm on Instagram. She looks forward for chasing her dreams with no pauses.


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