Exhausted from watching too many advertisements while watching shows or a movie? Well, not anymore. Cerebroz EduTree transforms your boring ad phase into edutainment with fun educational videos. 

Learn More About It

Cerebroz Edutree has devised a marvelous tool called “EduTree-TV Ad Replacer” that makes ad breaks fun by changing ads into interactive and educational content. The content telecasted fills the viewer with information about a topic in a short duration. 

Cerebroz EduTree’s device- EduTree Ad Replacer

According to the founder of Cerebroz EduTree Vijay Kantharia, “Edutree works as a middle technology disruptor between television, computer, and mobile phone and can also be used as a WiFi router. The product has five major features called EduTips, EduTest, EduProgress, EduEye, and Educast.”

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EduTips provides counselling to kids and parents. EduTest tests the knowledge of the kids through a wide range of quizzes. EduProgress keeps track of the information that has been imparted to the viewers and also ranks them.

EduEye is for parental control, which allows parents to decide what they wish their kids to watch. And lastly, EduCast is a mirror-like structure used for projecting the content on a larger screen. 

Taking A Look At Their Journey

Vijay was settled in the US and had a successful career there. One day, while watching TV, it struck his mind that generally, people tend to switch channels whenever an ad is broadcasted. Hence, he thought, what if he can change ads into something useful and educational, which can also benefit the nation’s education system?

So, he went back to Surat and, in 2015, he launched his startup Cerebroz Edutree and developed the product, EduTree. It has been developed by scientists and covers K12 academic education, information of general knowledge and social life. 

The device can be easily attached to the TV or set-top box and Cerebroz’s server through WiFi. When an ad pops up, the server receives signals, and ads get changed into educational content. 

A look at the working of EduTree

In an interview with Your Story, Vijay stated, “It took several sleepless nights for me to decide and quit my research career in the US and return to India to start working on Cerebroz. EduTree can be used in place of an educational tablet and can also convert dumb TV to Smart TV.”

Thriving and striving

Gradually, he was invited to schools to organize educational events for kids. From just six schools in Surat, it has received over 900 orders in its initial years. 

They strive to make a place where technology is used for beneficial purposes that can help humankind. A few years ago, it received its first-ever funding of Rs. 4.7 crores from a Dubai-based company known as Human Network International. 

The team

They also plan to penetrate their device nationally and internationally in places like the Middle East, North Africa, the United States and Europe. Through all these years, they have been highly successful and continue to strive for more.  

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Source: Your Story VC Circle, BW Education

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