Fashion has always been an integral part of humankind. The evolving fashion trends have influenced humans to adopt new ways of wearing clothes, styling and even replacing their natural appearances to keep up with the trend!

Fashion played an indispensable role in the lives of people in the past, so much so that it became a significant indicator of social status of a person.

Ranging from hilarious to becoming one of the reasons of discomfort and even death, there were many fashion trends which garnered popularity in the past.

Let’s have a look at some of the surprising fashion trends which dominated the world in the past:

1. Hoop Skirt

You must have seen Disney princesses like Cinderella wearing huge extravagant gowns. Likewise European women in the 17th and 18th century used to wear a hoop skirt under their skirt to add volume to their dress.

2. Hobble Skirt

Hobbling is a term used for tying the legs of animals together and restrict their movement. The same was done with women during the early 19th century!

3. Arsenic Dress

This was one of the deadliest fashion trends in history when wearing a green-dyed dress made of arsenic was quite popular among European women. The dress had harmful effects on health and even resulted in many diseases and deaths.

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4. Powdered Wigs

During the early 18th century, a new disease called ‘syphilis’ entered Europe, leading to premature baldness among men. This gave rise to the popular trend of wearing powdered wigs to hide baldness and foul smell due to syphilis. It was made popular by French King Louis XIV.

5. Chopines

Chopines were created to protect the feet from mud and dust, but soon became a status symbol among upper-class women. The higher the sole of the shoe, the higher the status!

6. Bombasting

During the 15th century, men and women used stuffings of different materials to make their sleeves and dresses look bigger!

7. No Eyebrows

Ever wondered why Leonardo da Vinci didn’t make Monalisa’s eyebrows? Well, this is because, during the Victorian era, women found an eyebrow-less face more beautiful and so they used to shave them off!

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