Twitteratis on Saturday evening were bashing a couple for being ‘shameless’ enough to make out in an auto.

A woman with the username @memesahaab climbed her ladder to overnight fame by sharing the video that went viral in a day fetching her a whopping 6.4K views and 200+ followers in a blink.

However, I may have a different and a saner point of view of here. I fail to understand how a couple having an intimate moment is shameless and a woman recording a couple without their consent is not.

What’s Wrong with The Tweet

Women all over the world are fighting their way to make the society understand the mere concept of consent and then we, have a woman here, taking pride in her ‘amazing’ sense of humor.

While she along with millions of self-proclaimed social police like her judged and shoved the placards of ‘sanskaar’ on someone else’s face.

Another grave dimension to this is the fact that the couple having their intimate moments, now eyed on a public scale, could bear serious repercussions of this in their personal lives.

If you think I’m overreacting, you need to read incidents of couples committing suicide after their “sexually explicit” videos went viral online.

Meanwhile we here are condemning the actions of the person who has shamelessly captured the couple and people like @memesahaab, who is shamelessly glorifying her new stardom that she has achieved at the stake of selling someone’s privacy online.

However, among moral policing and judgmental tweets, there was a breath of fresh air in the form of a tweet made by @neerjadeodhar, who called out the woman for “gloating” out on receiving followers.

Our thoughts resonate with her, for having the nerve to take a stand against this horrific indignity.

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Similar Incidents of Non- Consensual Distribution of Sexually Explicit Content

Very recently, students from National PG College, Lucknow, were recorded while they were kissing in public. As a result, the students were rumored to be rusticated from their college while they were in their final years.

Some even claim that one or both the partners committed suicide to save the heads of their families. While we don’t know how credible the rumors are, we can definitely leave room for readers’ interpretation here.

Laws against Non- Consensual Distribution of Sexually Explicit Content

Non-consensual recording of someone’s private moments is not just morally wrong but a serious criminal offence.

A person guilty of propagating sexually explicit images or videos can be convicted under Article 67 and 67A. A person can be booked under Article 66 E for violation of privacy and capturing sexually explicit content without the consent of the parties involved.

In strong words, we condemn the person who encroached upon someone’s privacy and made it a matter of public mouth .

If You’re reading this, @memesahaab, I hope that you, being a woman would realize that it’s a matter of shame on your part to find a potential meme at the cost of someone else’s privacy.

I hope that next time when you’d mindlessly click on the ‘share’ button, you would realize that it can take a toll on someone else’s life. There is a fine line between comedy and offence. I hope you’d draw the line next time.

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  1. Making out in an Auto has nothing to do with “Women’s freedom” whatsoever, Way to take something and stretch it that far. to play on an agenda that feels very close to you. Imagine Kids and what not in the next bike or car onlooking that. They can do whatever they want wether they’re un married or from different caste religion etc but let them do it in private rather than making a scene outside,

    • Okay, Sir/Ma’am,
      I do agree that making out has nothing to do with women empowerment, but I’d like to point out, that nowhere in the article have I mentioned it’s link to women empowerment in the first place. I don’t blame you, we perceive, what we want to perceive. However when I said,”women all over the world are fighting for consent”, it had relevance here in terms of sharing of the video by a woman itself, without understanding the concept of consent and privacy. Secondly, when I wrote this article, I never sided with the couple or went against them, because I think it’s a personal choice rather than a matter of my judgement. However, recording them without consent, making it viral on social media, and sneering at them with filthy comments, is something I condemn. Thank you for reading though.:)

  2. It’s Sir, but you don’t have to call me that please. We’re probably the same age just to give you a sense of perspective.

    There’s a man in a women equally involved in the “making out” session. If it’s a women or man who shared it, what difference does it make ? To stretch that to women empowerment really thin. I can make a mans blog and say look this is hurting the “honour of being a man” or something along those lines which would be equally stupid to do. Public obscenity is a crime too, the fact that you conviniently ignored that tells me you like to cherry pick your facts

    I like your writing style but being objective and looking at something in a holistic manner is something people rarely do these days. I live in Bangalore a Tier 1 city and here in Most women I know have it better than men while if you go to a Tier 3 city men have it way better than women. Objectivity is key. Playing for an agenda is a fools game

    • Like I said before, I haven’t used women empowerment in the article, at least no where as a central point. The article is a reply to a woman sharing the video and boasting the number of followers she received thereafter and therefore the line that does involve “women” as a whole is a reply to her and not the entire idea otherwise. The title doesn’t talk about women empowerment. Does it? Secondly, “obscenity” is a term too vaguely used in our country. People are arrested on Valentine’s day or just casually arrested by police because police thinks it’s an “obscene” sight. Whether you support it or not is your choice. Like I said before, in my way to criticise the public opinion on the video, I have never supported or criticised the couple because I don’t find it befitting to do so and even if, let’s say,you or I find it obscene or inappropriate, does it justify the fact that someone recorded it and put it on display on social media where it could tamper there entire career and (in case of India) their relations with their family.

    • However, if you do find it agenda driven then you may suit yourself. I respect a person’s personal choice and opinions no matter how one dimensional the perspective may be.


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