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A recent incident of moral policing in Kolkata, led to a major uproar in the city. A young couple, who were embracing in a metro were harshly beaten up.

The incident was such that, some elderly men apparently felt uncomfortable with their public display of affection and decided to ‘do something about it.’ They caught hold of the boy and began beating him up at the Dum Dum station in Kolkata.

When the girl tried to protect him, she too became a victim of the chaos driven assault. A set of young boys and some women had to eventually come and break up the brawl.

This was followed by a protest at Dum Dum metro station by some youngsters against those engaged in moral policing against the couple.

The couple was expected to ‘refrain from hugging in public’.

Moral policing is a very controversial concept. There are people who support it and people who oppose it. However, when moral policing in the form of violence, takes precedence over logically and peacefully tending to an issue, the concept becomes completely irrational and negative.

The situation was quite ironical as it is public displays of affection that seem to bother people, more than the public display of violence and hooliganism.

What kind of moral policing is that?

We at ED, asked a few youngsters their take on the issue, on whether they will refrain from hugging in public if there was a fear of being beaten up.

Here are some of the responses: 

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So, what’s your take on the issue and these responses?

Let us know in the comments below.

Sources: Deccan Chronicle, Indian Express, India Today 

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  1. Today i refrain from hugging then tomorrow I refrain from living. You know this is just lame and stupid and regression at its worst level. Some Indians need to understand that there are some rights given to every citizen and every romantic or friendly gesture shouldn’t be treated with such conceit.


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