Ever since we have found ourselves stuck in a turmoil caused by the outbreak of COVID-19, we are continuously having to put efforts to reshape our lifestyle for ensuring survival.

Going from the frustration of not having the option to leave the house, inconvenience of working from home, to the stress of hoarding essentials for the family, we are facing some common life problems which connect us all in a string of solidarity.

But in this situation, when I talk about ‘us’, I blatantly exclude a large section of our society.

A section denoted by the migrant workers of India.

Viral Animated Video On Migrant Workers

Debjyoti Saha is a visual storyteller from Kolkata, and an associate producer and animator at ESPN India Mumbai, India.

Recently Debjyoti created and posted an outstanding video on Instagram which, in no time, took the internet by storm and got viewed by thousands of people.

The video has been widely acclaimed on various social media platforms because of its brilliant portrayal of two fundamentally different worlds running parallel to one another: one is our life and one is the life of a migrant worker.

People sharing and acclaiming Debjyoti’s video on Twitter

Appreciation-filled comments on Debjyoti Saha’s video post on Instagram




Plight Of Daily Wagers

A study by the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) and Azim Premji University in 2019 estimates that 29% of the population in India’s big cities is of daily wagers.

Hence, this is an approximation of the number of people who are presently in dire need to relocate themselves.

On a side when we have been given a clear steer to lock the vulnerable existence of ours inside our homes, the less-privileged daily wage earners are out on the roads, investing their blood, sweat, and tears only in a hope to somehow reach to their home states.

debjyoti saha video migrants

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This unprecedented mass exodus of migrants from metropolises is hinting at their social insecurity in urban India, ironically of which they are considered the building blocks.

There are also the questions seeking a reason for the absence of their reliance on the government framed policies and for the loopholes in the fabric of societal compassion. 

Insight Into A Different Reality

While watching the animated video by Saha, when I tried to capture the essence of it, I realised that the concept of luxury is so painfully forked.

Some find it in having a sip of their Dalgona coffee, others in just having the option to get a couple of meals a day.

Some shake their legs on the Laxed Siren Beat- following the patterns of web-based life, others walk, or if run out of strength, drag themselves barefoot an extra mile to save their life. 

Yet, if we, who have by good fortune, a home to live in, finances to feed the hunger and everything that someone else is crying and craving for, still crib about our meagre problems and inconveniences, aren’t we losing on values like thankfulness? 

Debjyoti Saha’s thought-provoking video silently asks us to comprehend, recognize, and regard our privileges.

You can watch the complete video here.

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Sources: The Indian Express, Debjyoti Saha’s Instagram

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