Period leaves have always been the topic of a hot debate, with some people being for them and believing it includes a company’s women employees into its policy while those who are against it believe it to be sexist and or being unfairly favourable to the women of the company over the men.

But that does not mean that the concept itself is very alien, as more and more Indian companies and even abroad are starting to include it in their policy-making and offering it to their female employees.

Food delivery companies like Swiggy and Zomato had made big news when they started to offer period leaves to their women employees and now another company has joined those leagues.

Which Company Is This?

Orient Electric, a Delhi-based company, has just recently announced that it plans on offering period leaves to its women employees and this is apparently their way of trying to build a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Orient Electric, a consumer electrical products company, is a part of the CK Birla Group and is a ‘Fortune India 500’ company. The company is known for making items like fans, air coolers, water heaters, home appliances and LEDs and has just joined the growing list of Indian companies offering this type of leave.

Orient Electric CHRO Aditya Kohli explained this “In line with this, we conduct regular Women Connect sessions, wherein we listen to the experiences and expectations of our women workforce and one key discussion area emerging out of this, has been menstrual health and hygiene.”

He further added that “We believe that women should not feel ashamed or stigmatized when talking about menstrual health or applying for period leaves,” while stating how the company had introduced a monthly period leave for its female employees.

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It seems that India is not the only country where there is a rising occurrence of period leaves and this seems to be a global phenomenon.

Countries like Japan, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Indonesia and Italy have also shown an eagerness to include menstrual leave as part of their policy for women employees under which they would be allowed to take a paid off from work for a day or two during their menstruation time.

A total of 14 Indian companies currently offer period leaves to their women employees, these include:

  • Swiggy
  • Mathrumbi
  • Zomato
  • Gozoop Online Pvt Ltd
  • Orient Electric
  • Wet and Dry
  • Byju’s
  • Magzter
  • Wet and Dry
  • Horses Stable News
  • FlyMyBiz
  • Culture Machine
  • IndustryARC

It is certainly interesting to see this happening where more and more companies are offering this type of option to their female employees.

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