“Vo mere khilaaf shadiyantra rachegi?”

No, this isn’t the teaser of some new Hindi soap opera, but a cute eye-opener portrayal of what most parents are feeding their kids negligently.

Disney India released this 35-second film in order to promote their ‘Kids Pack’.

The film begins with a mom asking her 6-year old daughter whether her friend returned her book or not, and the tiny kid goes on to deliver a typical melodramatic and vengeful monologue like the characters from Hindi soap operas.


Though the film might have been on a lighter side and with an intention to make the audiences laugh, it nevertheless raises serious questions of what parents actually are imprinting on their kids’ young impressionable minds.

It is a common habit by mums to have their little kids seated right next to them on the couch while they themselves sit on the edge nail-biting and nervous about the “ab kya hoga” moment in their serials.  

While it may be a common notion that the kid wouldn’t understand it and there is no danger to them watching these serials, the film brings to light the real-life consequences of having kids watch adult and GEC channels instead of cartoon channels.  

Kids imitate what they see and hear.

“No doubt the girl in the film mouthed heavy adult words like that of the soap opera people she must’ve witnessed.”

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Kids Learning From The Kids They Watch On T.V.

It’s not just the adult characters whom the kids end up imitating. In these serials, even kids are shown as behaving in absurd ways, often talking in a manner way more mature than their age.

In a certain serial, an elder step-sister behaves like a complete vamp, trying every possible means to hurt or defame her younger sister. The only thing she holds herself back from is having her younger sibling kidnapped or murdered. And trust me; I wouldn’t have been surprised even if she resorted to this last means!

This elder sibling figure sets a negative example for the children who watch the show. Children imitate what they see and what is fed into their system.  

Watching a child behave in such a vindictive manner would doubtlessly make them feel that such behaviour is normal and acceptable in real life.

What About The Child Actors Playing Such Roles

The graveness of the matter does not stop there with the child viewers. The dialogues and roles accorded to the child artists are immensely detrimental for their own selves too.

Young child actors are made to speak foul dialogues that are better suited to 70-year-old shaitaan/vampish aunties. The grown-up roles that these kids do rob them of their childish innocence and change their outlook towards the world into a pessimistic one.

Thanks Disney for this staggering film with a deep message delivered ever-so-subtly. Let us feed our kids what is appropriate for their age and not saas-bahu drama crap.

Because after such s*** is encoded in children’s minds, no amount of rebukes would make them undo their habits and behaviours.

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Sources: Indian Television, AFQAS, BARC India

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