As young girls and women how many of us have perhaps hesitated to take night/evening flights just to avoid taking a cab back home?

When you walk out of the airport after dark, book yourself a cab and finally get in it, isn’t there an underlying fear that this cab ride might not be a 100% safe?

A number of questions and thoughts run through your mind.

Now think about walking out of the airport after dark and seeing a line of cabs with women drivers standing next to them.

Wouldn’t you be a little relieved in your head?

Now, my aim here is not to generalize that every male driven cab is unsafe but there is just something secure about a woman driving you back home at night or even during the day.

This rant is essentially to substantiate what I’m going to be talking about next.

Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru has collaborated with Go Pink Cabs, an all women cab service for women and by women.

As someone who has dealt with this fear first hand, I think it is safe to say that this a matter of some relief.

What is ‘Go Pink Cabs’?

The brainchild of a few Bengaluru based home makers, Go Pink Cabs came into existence after a major concern for women’s safety while travelling was voiced.

The initiative aims to provide a safe, secure and affordable mode of transportation to women, young girls and senior citizens alike, at all times of the day.

It is an app based service, like Ola and Uber with affordable fares like Rs 21.5/km during the day and Rs 23.5/km post midnight.

The company stands for complete empowerment and emancipation of women from all kinds of socio-economic backgrounds. This is highlighted in the two fold empowerment structure of Go Pink Cabs.

While on the one hand safety for women while travelling is being ensured, on the other hand the service provides employment opportunities to women from less privileged socio-economic backgrounds. The initiative has led to skill development, economic independence and emancipation of these women.

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Beyond just a cab service

The women who are employed as drivers are not only well versed with the crevices of the city, but speak a number of fluent languages and are even trained in self defense.

They give it their best to make it a safe and memorable experience for their clientele that ranges from working female professionals, students, senior citizens, home makers etc.

The cabs are stationed at Bengaluru airport as a result of a combined effort of the Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation and Bangalore International Airport Limited.

As of now, the services will start by having a fleet of 10 female driven cabs.

These cabs are also fitted with SOS and GPS features.

Its initiatives and efforts like these that help in truly empowering women. This is a small step towards the larger process of economic and social emancipation of women.

Sources: Go Pink Cabs, NDTV

Image Source: Google Images

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