The coronavirus has swept across the world in a mass of infection, scaring everyone. Till yet, over 4,500 people have died and the confirmed cases of people having it just keeps increasing. 

In this, hospital and medical professionals are constantly at work, attending to current patients who are suffering from the virus, testing new people, quarantining people who could possibly have the infection and simultaneously, working on figuring out what this virus is and its cure. 

Common people on the other hand are also affected by this pandemic. With events being cancelled, most social gatherings being banned, schools and even work places being shut down, it’s a difficult time indeed. 

However, we have a saviour, a messiah in this time of need. 

The one. The only. Our very own. Rakhi Sawant!

Has Rakhi Sawant Found The Cure For Coronavirus?

Noted journalist, Sonal Karla recently posted this on her Twitter:

And we couldn’t agree more. It does seem the world is ending, so of course we’d want to listen to the wise and enlightened words of our Ms. Sawant. 

According to her, this coronavirus is because of ‘sinners’ who eat creatures like bats, snakes, and more. This was clearly hinting at the Asians and South-East Asian places where people often eat such stuff. 

As if Asians did not already have enough racism and stereotyping to deal with, Ms. Sawant pours another bucket of so on them. 

This is not all, she posted another video:

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Please please Suni lo meri baat

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And even so graciously shared a ‘coronavirus prayer‘ which will of course (how could we even doubt her) be the ever needed cure for this disease. 

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That is not all, in February Ms. Sawant even bravely took a trip to China (allegedly) to beat coronavirus and save the earth and its people. 

In the video she can be heard saying that she is going to, “kill all the coronavirus.” She also includes other people and says they are her soldiers who will help her in this fight. 

Sawant revealed that she got “special medicines from National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA),” and thus she will be totally protected from this ‘bad disease’.

In the end she even adds a clip of assumingly Chinese people walking out while wearing masks. But the kick here is that the video is clearly taken from TikTok, meaning she did not film it herself and just added it into the edited video she had made. 

This was absolutely hilarious.

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Sources: Firstpost, Times Of India

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