July 1: Dr. Thejo Kumari has become a brand in herself as achievements line up her study and several other home rooms. She has excelled in every sector she preservers to get into and makes a success of it without any qualms about how challenging the entire process has been. In every field, whether business philanthropy, beauty pageants, investments, or several other fields, she has taken risks and faith to test the waters and met with success each time.

Thejo Kumari Amudala has received organizational leadership and Social Work recognition for Human rights. she is recognized with a Doctorate from the World Human Rights Protection Commission. The steadfast belief in herself and her education made her achieve all those citations and laurels which she duly deserves. She has done much work for women, children, and underprivileged people. She was already a peace ambassador and known for her social work.

Thejo’s concerns for world peace are genuine. She has felt more compelled to strive for the betterment of people who are stuck in conflict and have nowhere to go. She has chosen this to be her next goal in life. Thejo is now inclined to fight for human rights, and peace is a crucial requirement of any human being. Living with an external strife-like situation can be disastrous for any person’s development.

Thejo wants to work for the peaceful development of several countries worldwide. She has seen that often conspiracies and politics have impacted the development of several countries and ruined the lives of regular citizens. People dying and loss of property, as well as destruction, can hamper progress in many ways than one. Thejo has studied how those lives can go beyond repair to excruciating painful memories. She has been brought on board to think about bringing people across all streams irrespective of borders and work on human rights and get them to come on the same page to improve people’s lives.

Every possible help and awareness creation is what Thejo Kumari has given her full support. You will find her amid all the chaos trying to help people and improve situations. Her goal of reaching out to people has helped her touch many lives and improve them. This has made her a popular choice for several awards that have come.

As a global peace ambassador, Thejo has received much love and appreciation in the form of the Nelson Mandela Nobel Peace Award. Received several honorary doctorates from prestigious and Ivy League universities across the globe, also being awarded doctorates for Social Service and Business Leadership

Several institutions and government authorities have paid heed to her selfless work. Thejo has worked on a commitment to carry on working with people and being closely associated with making a change in their living conditions and leading happy lives.

The number of awards Thejo Kumari has received hard to count. Some of them are the Real Super Woman Award, Super Woman Social Entrepreneur Award, Rashtriya Gourav Award, The Most Inspirational Woman from India Award, Global Iron Lady Award and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National Award. The Rashtriya Prerana National award, Swami Vivekananda Award, Mother Theresa Humanity Award, Apj Abdul kalam Excellence award, Sarojini Naidu International award, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Excellence Award, Rabindranath Tagore Literary Pride Award Powerful woman award.

The government and private organizations have felicitated such as the Abdul Kalam

Diamond Sparking award, Rashtriya Gourav Award, Rashtriya Seva Samaj Ratna, Bharatha Nari Ratna Award, World Iconic Leadership award, Dynamic Woman Entrepreneur award, International Business Entrepreneur award, International Brilliance awards, Rashtriya samaj Rathna Award, Rashtriya Seva Ratna award, Bharath Bhushan award, Bharath Gourav award, Influencer Award, Extra Ordinary woman Award, Mahathma Gandhi Excellence award, Gandhi-Nelson Mandela International award and many others.


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