On 31st July, Haryana’s Nuh area witnessed intense and heavy communal violence break out when a Vishva Hindu Parishad procession was reported to have been disrupted by a mob.

Around 6 people that included two home guards and a cleric were said to have died in the clashes that erupted from Nuh and quickly spread to other parts including Gurugram resulting in a very tense and hostile environment. For days clashes continued to take place with areas being declared unsafe, shops broken and vandalised, places of worship also areas of target and more.

However, the ground reality of the residents of Nuh seems to be quite different.

Nuh Residents On The Riots

As per an India Today report, a duo coming from the troubled place itself has claimed that the violence did not impact their actual real friendship in the least.

The friends consisting of Pandit Ram Murthy Shastri, a Hindu, and Zubair, a Muslim come from the Nuh area itself and have apparently been friends for 13 years now.

Zubair a farmer was reported to have said that “It does not bother us. It is all political” as they continued to do their usual activities of spending time together, going on the bike to shop and more.

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Ram Murthy, a priest from a temple in the Malab village said that “I have a lot of Muslim friends. The violence is all political. Zubair and I usually visit the village temple.”

Both seemed to have commented that while communalism would not impact their friendship, neither of them had ever seen such violence take place in Nuh.

Another report from The Tribune had Shukat Ali coming from the Ghasera village speak about guarding a temple “We don’t want any outsiders disturbing the peace between our communities. Every night, 10 Muslim men, along with two men of the Hindu community, stay on the temple premises to guard it through the night. We are not worried about the villagers, but the outsiders who spell trouble.”

From the Chhapera resident, Bhagat Singh said “There is complete trust between our communities and we often accompany members of the other community to ensure that they reach their homes safely in trying times like these when the effort is to create a rift between us.”

Another resident Ravinder Kumar talked about how no local had actually attended the VHP shobha yatra where the clashes started and that this is just a way to get votes.

He said “There can never be a divide between a temple and a mosque. Going to either place doesn’t make a difference when we have all grown up together. This is nothing more than a political conspiracy to garner votes ahead of the 2024 election.”

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