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The Hoax About Indian Weddings: Can We Modify It?



Exchange of holy vows and two souls are united into one. But does all this end here?
A pompous set up flanked with exclusive decorations, luscious food and sweets, star studded concerts and abundant guests is what describes a typical Indian wedding these days.

Willing to spend lakhs and crores?
Yes, of course. Let’s have a Big Fat Indian Wedding.
A grandiloquent affair leading two souls to swear as one, but does this affair actually require pockets full of cash? It’s like some mystery wrapped in an enigma. Hard to understand, harder to answer!

But don’t you think, it’s high time we modify the concept of weddings?

Now this table below might come as a surprise to all of you, but yes, my friends, these are the top 5 expensive Indian weddings.

Congress leader Kanwar Singh’s son Lalit married to Yogita Jaunapuria 250 crores
Sahara chief Subrata Roy’s sons:Sushanto with Richa and Seemanto with Chandini 552 crore
Lakshmi Mittal’s daughter Vanisha married investment banker Amit Bhatia 220 crore
G.V. Krishna Reddy’s granddaughter Mallika married Indu group Siddharth 100 crore
Hotelier Vikram Chatwal married model Priya Sachdev 100 crore


Now these fancy figures corresponding to fancy names are creating a furor within me.

Personal, Social and Economic aspects are being hit very badly by marriages these days.

Firstly talking about the effect such grand weddings have on an “individual”.

1. Personal Aspect: The chief highlight of this aspect being Divorce! Although India enjoys a low divorce rate still with passing years, this rate is shooting up with more and more marriages turning into breakups. Thus affecting individuals to a great extent.

Spend crores of rupees to celebrate togetherness and end up in a divorce just after a few days/months/years of marriage. Marriages these days are like fool’s paradise breaking in a wink of an eye. Couples “waste time” in thinking about how much they should spend to have a lavish wedding, but they should rather “invest this time” to know each other better.

It’ll only make their marriage strong and will make their married life a vivacious period!

Don’t you think these lavish weddings are indirectly affecting the “society” as well? Read on to find out how.

2. Social Aspect: Now that we are on the social trail so can anyone tell me how many people above the age of 60 continue doing physical work to earn a living? Ironically, it is called the declining age, but I still see my 60 year old pg cook, washing utensils with his lean back, wrinkled face and trembling hands. I still see sweepers in my college above the age of 60 with a broom in the hand and caducity on the face.

What if we spend less on marriages, in fact spend least and pool in crores of this cash to serve people in this “golden age”. If it’s attributed as the golden age, then why can’t we give it a golden tinge? Crores of rupees not being wasted in marriages go straight to the funds for these people and they will not have to work at all.

Now I agree to the fact that if people have money, they will desire to have lavish weddings, but what if they “spend lesser” on making it “lavish”? That saved money could help feed the older citizens of our society.

The euphoria and contentment we’ll feel on watching a healthy society will be worth it.

Lastly arriving at the effect these weddings have on the “economy” as a whole.

3. Economic Aspect: Crores of rupees are stocked for a long time, so as to have a grand wedding. Till then they do not enter the economy and when they do in the form of big marriage purchases and investments, there is a sudden boom in the economy which does not compliment the demand in the economy.

Having talked about these aspects in detail, I feel that I have been able to bring forward the message of hoax about Indian Marriages. Weddings should continue, but resplendent weddings should end.

So let’s just reconsider our actions to spend lavishly on weddings. Let’s just focus more on a happy married life rather than a pompous wedding celebration.

Let’s together make the world a better place to breathe in where the individual, the society and the economy prospers!


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