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If DU Was Mini India, Which State Would Your College Be? SRCC = Kerala?


DU is Mini India in general! But then some colleges have more of a particular state than the rest. We at ED bring you yet another unique comparison, DU colleges and their state counterparts. What if each college was to have a State Quota, which state would it be?

Let’s set out straight on the similarities we found.

  1. SRCC = Kerala

100% cut offs and 94% literacy rate. First place holders in their respective avenues, both SRCC and Kerala are a place for the intelligent. Flooded with people of academic acumen, yet full of life, they are just synonymous to the extent that Illa Dance and the Illas are the highlight of SRCC.


  1. CBS= Goa

Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, as much long as its name is, that much small its campus is. Lacking its own auditorium, the college still boasts of many societies and events. And what better state than GOA can it be analogous to, the smallest state of India popular for its beaches and carnivals.



  1. LSR = Maharashtra

DU’s very own ‘Girls with High Heels’ college- Lady Shri Ram is the Mumbai of DU. ‘Beauty with Brains’, ‘Classy yet elegant’ are some of the phrases for the LSR girls that goes around in the DU Circuit. And for us that’s Maharashtra, brimming with creativity and ready to speak their minds out.

P.S- With Mira Rajput bagging the best package in DU (:p), we have no more qualms for this one.



  1. Hindu = West Bengal

Bengal is artistic. Learning a dance form, playing an instrument or artistic skills, it’s in their tradition to send the children for any one such art form. Same is the case for Hindu college. A college known for all kinds of ECA; their dance society, fashion society, dramatics society and music society all our considered one of the best in DU. Further both have a sense of nostalgia attached to the places, a rich legacy behind.

main-buld_new  IMG-20140308-WA0018


  1. IP College = Madhya Pradesh

Though the oldest women college of Delhi University, Indraprastha College continues to stay the prettiest of them all. Situated in the most high-profile Civil Lines area of Delhi, the infrastructure of the college is palatial. It reminds one instantly of Madhya Pradesh’s ancient forts and palaces.



  1. Kamla Nehru— Gargi = Seven Sisters of North East

Kamla Nehru College and Gargi College have become inseparable. Their closeness added to the fact that both are Girls College, has made them the twin sisters of the DU World. So is the case for the Seven States of North East. Whether you think of it as a tourist spot, or the effect it is having on Indian economy, unconsciously it’s the Seven Sisters together. They are just somewhat like attached septuplets.

2 gargi.20151


  1. Kirori Mal College = Haryana

KMC has a spectacular history in sports and so does Haryana. Be it the Baddy Star – Saina Nehwal or the Wrestler Sushil Kumar, the people of Haryana have brought world level medals for the nation. Kirori Mal College holds records of winning major games in the DU circuit and even Best All Round College Trophy.



  1. DSE = Rajasthan

Last but not the least; food is a very vital part of all the DU wallas. Everyone has scanned all the canteens of DU, each and every food joint. Because face it they are cheap as well as tasty, who will leave this kind of opportunity. And then we have college like D-School, whose canteen has just the right flavour for everything on its menu. Flavours and spices remind us of Rajasthan, the state of finger licking food. Ranging from spicy snacks to the ever sweet desserts, Rajasthan is the place for any food lover. So is Delhi School of Economics, for the food lovers of DU.




We leave the rest of the states and their DU counterparts for you to figure out.

Tell us if all the 29 states have a common thread with the DU colleges.




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