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TEDx IIT Hyderabad 2021 Is All About Playing It (Un)Safe



“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

― Helen Keller, The Open Door

TEDxIITHyderabad, a team of highly driven students from different disciplines resolves to bring their audiences and sponsors an experience of a global event amidst world-class speakers from diverse domains.

The nonprofit organization TED is devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.

TED has evolved to support its mission with varied initiatives since 30 years ago, starting as a four-day conference in California.

TED has welcomed speakers like Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, Sal Khan, Sir Richard Branson, Elizabeth Gilbert, Philippe Starck, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Daniel Kahneman and Nandan Nilekani.

TED has established The Audacious Project to create change; TEDx supports individuals or groups in hosting regional, self-organised TED-style events and the TED Fellows program, helping groundbreaking innovators worldwide amplify the impact of their exceptional activities and projects.

Interestingly, TEDx is a local, self-organized program in the spirit of ideas worth spreading, bringing people together to share a TED-like experience.

What’s in store for 2021?

2020 was a mad year. With a lot of learning and unlearning, the year 2020 drove us crazy. While there were few things that constantly knocked our doors in the year, the risks and the uncertainties.

Risk-taking and playing unsafe are being redefined in the present world scenario. Breathing life through the pandemic era, which is just as facing a war-like situation from all fronts, people are pushed to their extremes to come and rethink their comfort positions.

In the year 2021, the team is hoping to listen to the experiences of people who have done that and came out scathed or unscathed from it. After all, what is existence if not risks?


Vimal Chandran – Self-taught visual artist adept in various art and photography genres and the founder of ‘Unposted letters’.

Aruna M. Bahuguna – First woman IPS officer in Andhra Pradesh who had risen to the seniormost rank of Director General of Police.

Kamal Nayak – Founder of the NGO Good Universe, which strives for sustainability in the field of women’s health, climate change and gender equality.

Meghnad – Associate Editor at Newslaundry and a former LAMP fellow who has worked with multiple MPs in the past.

Pooja Dagli – Co-founder of the Robin Hood Academy, serves to empower underprivileged kids and bridge the education gap.

Anahita Sarabhai – Founder-Director of QueerAbad, weaves an intriguing dialogue with gender, sexuality and the self.

Swami Sarvapriyananda – Monk in Charge, Head of the Vedanta Society, NewYork whose spiritual lectures, teachings are widely popular.

Tejas Sidnal – Founder of Carbon Craft Design, explores innovative sustainable strategies around clean air, water and food.

These personalities are from diverse directions of life, taking up risks for the sake of everything that stands right in a world filled with uncertainties. Art, Journalism, Gender, Equity, Entrepreneurship, take a capsule of it all through the fantastic lineup of speakers this year.

Experience diverse notions of Playing (Un)Safe on 21st March 2021 from 10 AM to 4:30 PM.

For more details: tedx.iith.ac.in

ED is proud to be their blog partner.

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