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The Build Up By Shiv Nadar University’s Business Club Tests Students On Their Business Acumen And Has A Sweet Prize Worth Rs. 20,000



Shiv Nadar University, a leading Indian university chosen as an ‘Institute of Eminence’ by the Government of India, is conducting its first-ever online event- ‘Kaze’ in place of its annual techno-cultural fest ‘Breeze’.

This event attracts national participation, from north to south and east to west, you have them all. The diversity doesn’t end with the participants, but it goes on with the main event too – hosting a wide variety of competitions from a wide range of SNU clubs.

Kaze’s most competitive and highly participated competition – ‘The Build Up’ is a vying business game, consisting of three rounds and a cash prize worth Rs. 20,000.

Participants are not only here for the cash prize, but for the detailed and mind-numbing characteristics of the game that makes one push themselves to their limits in terms of corporate thinking.

It is an event that facilitates a congregation of great minds, thoughts, and curiosity, than just another business fest. They get to converse, learn, and engage in intimate conversations to heated trade battles in market simulations with competitive people from varied backgrounds.

It encapsulates a space that brings forth bright individuals who build on ideas, advance their knowledge on industry trends as well as create their own sense of professionalism.

There are two exciting rounds, Round 1 which will be held from 11th to 13th of March on the Roostoo app, a partner for the event.

Round 2, the grand finale, shall be held on the 19th of March from 12 noon on Microsoft Teams.

To register, please click on the following link:

Inspiria is one amongst other clubs that embodies its potential through business curious minds across campus.

It focuses on career preparedness for business and related fields through varying events like The Business Conclave, Build Up, and Corporate Monopoly. They engage with industry professionals and institutions to provide relevant skills and value to not just its members but the entire student community.

Under the windy skies and warm sunlight, students engage in an intimate conversation with inspiring speakers at ‘The Executives Journal’. These speakers come from diverse backgrounds like Information Security, Sustainable Manufacturing, Design, and reputed companies like Ogilvy, General Electric, and Café Delhi Heights.

They also have the opportunity to be a part of discussions on pressing corporate issues with a line-up of experienced panelists.

There are constant interactions with alumni and present associate members which show the students that no matter what major or background, everybody can find a place within the society and it not only looks into carrying forward what was left behind rather, changing the ethos and creating something entirely unique that represents a newer zeal for change.

Most of all, regardless of where one is or what obstacles come forth, Inspiria overcomes them with determination and hard work that makes the club as enticing as it is.

ED is proud to be their blog partner.

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