In yet another appalling incident, a 30-year-old Madrasa woman from Palakkad district in Kerala slit her 6-year-old son’s throat in a sacrificial ritual to god. In her first trimester, this woman, who happens to be a teacher, took such a step that has shaken the entire nation.

Police at Shahida’s (the woman in question) house

The lady called the police and informed them that she had “sacrificed her son to Allah.” The brutality of the incident increased tenfold when the police found that her husband and two other children were fast asleep in the adjoining room.

The cold-blooded homicide of an innocent by his mother has shocked everyone. She has been booked under IPC Section-302 and taken in custody. 

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TW: The Gory Details

Around 3 am on 7 February, Sunday, Shahida (the woman in question) rang the police and informed them about the homicide while her now-deceased-son Aamil lay lifeless before her. Alarmed and spooked, a team from the station reached her house only to find the woman at the gate, hands dripping with blood.

Upon entering the house, the team found the child lying cold inside the bathroom. His condition, even after death, looked atrocious. With a slit throat, bloodied being, the body was sent for the post-mortem examination while the woman was taken into immediate custody. 

Working as a teacher herself, a husband who works as a driver, and 3 children, she had it all. But she had other ideas. That too, sinister, and gory ones.

According to locals, Shahida took the police’s number from them a day or two before this incident which points at it being a non-spontaneous action, not that a defenceless child could pose as a threat anyway. Thus, a well-planned and brutally executed murder. 

What is mentioned in the FIR is what the mother told the police control room. Only after a thorough investigation can we conclude whether that was indeed the reason or whether there are other reasons,” the report quoted Palakkad SP, Viswanadh R. 

Are Superstitious Sacrifices Common In India?

The reason for this murder as stated by the woman points toward a religious sacrifice. But there could be more to it than what meets the eye and that is exactly what the authorities are investigating. But cases of superstitious killings are not uncommon.

Just 2 weeks ago, two young sisters were allegedly sacrificed by their highly-educated parents in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. The parents were positive that their daughters would come back to life after the ritual.

The girls, Alekhya and Sai Divya were aged 27 and 22 respectively. The former was doing her post-graduation from Bhopal while the latter was pursuing her BBA degree. 

The sisters who became victims in parents’ sacrificial rituals

As if the sisters’ incident hadn’t already shaken the nation enough, this followed right after. How progressive does a society need to be so that its members do not sacrifice their kids’ lives in the name of rituals? Clearly, India has a long way to go.

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