In the long list of superstitions which we as Indians have created for ourselves, here’s to our latest entry in the hall of fame. Give it up for: “The Braid Chopper”. The mysterious braid chopper is an entity which targets North Indian women and chops off their hair (braids, known as “choti” in Hindi) and vanishes in thin air.

Nobody has seen what the braid chopper looks like and why he has the latent urges to become an anonymous hair stylist.

It all started with multiple reports of women’s braids being chopped off inexplicably & the reports came from primarily North Indian areas of New Delhi and Haryana. Women from rural parts of these areas gave detailed accounts on how they felt dizzy and found their tufts of hair missing on waking up, with an area in New Delhi reportedly experiencing 10-12 such incidents.

Braid Chopper

This is arguably the second coming of such incidents after the early 2000s when an alleged “Kaala Bandar” (literally translating to “Black Monkey” and popularly known as “The Monkey Man”) or killer witches were reported in New Delhi and the nation went ape-shit (pun TOTALLY intended) over it.

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What one shall notice is that in country which wishes to be respected and appreciated as a super power on a global scale has a majority of rural population which is so inherently deprived of common sense that it creates events of mass hysteria to stay relevant.

But do you know what the catch is?

This DOES NOT paint a contrasting picture if we juxtapose our urban population with the same. Tracing back to 2001 when the Monkey Man reports were at large, the reports came from the capital city of New Delhi.

It makes a man like me reach an inference that the problem is not our economic segregation, it’s merely the pedestalization of culture over logic and the over-dependence on making sense out of every inexplicable phenomena, largely attributed to quintessential human nature.

Whatever we feel can’t be rationally explained, we either come up with a not-so-logical explanation about it on our own or we label it as the work of an urban legend to make it look more appealing and sonically spectacular to spread it like wildfire, giving us contentment that we’re interesting, after all.

And what do the uneducated and the uninformed do? They follow the blind faiths and beliefs like sheep.

Understand that a ghost, no matter how stupid it is will not go to lengths as silly as chopping off women’s hair. At least stay put and don’t create mass hysteria if you can’t find a logical explanation for an incident.

The world is a place with dangerous faiths. Don’t be a contributor to that culture.

Stand out.

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