By Janhavi Sharma

Canals, Marijuana, Red Light District, Trams, Van Gogh are all things that come to mind when one says Amsterdam. It’s most definitely a party place with no limits. One can certainly let loose in the sin city of Europe.

Home to one of the world’s finest beers: Heineken, Amsterdam has a lot to offer. Historically a market town to the Atlantic, Amsterdam today exudes a star-spangled energy.

With prodigious canals paving their way through the city, aesthetic cafes and restaurants beckoning from the streets, archaic buildings beaming at you from close and afar, the calming whiff of Marijuana in the air, cyclists gushing past you, beautiful tulips in bloom, windmills the dwell into the city- it is truly a city that never sleeps.

Having spent a week in Amsterdam last summer, I explored the nooks and corners of the city while simultaneously exploring myself. It’s a city that combined my love of food with my love of history.

Here’s your basic food guide to Amsterdam.


Stroopwafels are the ultimate Dutch tea time treat. (Well not necessarily tea time). Usually, two circular discs of wafer-thin waffles are glued together by sticky, oozy caramel, making it the most irresistible treat. Once you dig into it, there’s no turning back.


Truly a Dutch favourite. Kibbeling is essentially crisp beer battered fried chunks of locally available fish, served with a mayonnaise or chipotle sauce. These chunks of fish are ‘melt in the mouth’ and give one a true sense of the street food culture.

3Dutch Fries

Available at every nook and corner of Amsterdam. From small portions to extra large ones. These Dutch fries come in all sizes. These fries are thick yet crispy from the outside and soft and melting from the inside. They are accompanied by a number of sauces: Chilli, Chipotle, Mustard among many more. The perfect midnight snack to soak up that alcohol.


These are a classic Dutch creation. Little balls of pancake drizzled with Nutella or any other topping/sauce of choice, dusted with icing sugar. They are little pockets of flavor that explode in your mouth and leave you craving for more. The perfect breakfast indulgence.


Now, this is a tough one. This might not be up everyone’s alley but is a must try for all the gutsy ones out there. Raw Herring is prepared in springtime (so that the catch is fresh) and served with diced onions and often pickles. It is a typical Dutch delicacy which deserves a taste. Local, comfort food.


Farmer’s markets are wholesale selling grounds for cheese. Heaven for cheese lovers where one can taste all kinds of cheese in all kinds of flavours.

Black pepper cheese, herb cheese, Gouda, Goat’s cheese, Camembert, Manchego, Parmesan, Cheddar amongst many others. Cheese factories are dotted across Amsterdam as well which often provide guided tours.


Plump, juicy, tart and sweet berries are spread across vendor benches at Framer’s markets and street shops. Luscious blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries are available at throwaway prices. Must eat for a hit of freshness.


Crispy, salty logs of flavor. They are deep-fried and are made from different meats like shrimp, fish, chicken, pork or beef. Its minced meat golden batter fried to perfection. Often accompanied by a refreshing sour cream or mayonnaise dip.

To soak up all this hefty goodness a pint of Heineken is all you need.

Oh did I mention a glass of Rose’ wine is absolutely essential?

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