On the 6th of February, Saturday, the Indonesian village of Jenggot in Pekalongan city witnessed surreal blood-red flooded roads. The pictures started trending on Twitter and went viral soon after the first viewing.

It’s not uncommon for Indonesians to experience floods
Indonesia’s flood water that has caused havoc
The village submerged with flood water
Locals struggling with the red flood water
Streets flooded with crimson red water

Twitter users commented on the resemblance of the water to blood and some even became panicky. While some intellectuals started spreading rumours about the world coming to an end and nearing judgment day.

A picture of Indonesia’s red flood that shows the present condition

Last month, the flood water was green in colour so the vivid waters are not uncommon in this city. At that time too, talks circulated about the uncertainty of nature and gods’ wrath.

Sometimes there are purple puddles on the road too”, said a local. But let’s not get into the vicious cycle of rumour-ignition.

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Truth Behind The Phenomenon

Pekalongan is a city in Central Java that is known for manufacturing batik which is an Indonesian method that has been around for generations.

This method is used for putting wax to benefit by using it as a resistor for water-based dyes. It’s commonly adopted for the portrayal of drawings and patterns on fabrics.

A batik fabric workshop in Indonesia

The head of Pekalongan disaster relief, Dimas Arga Yudha, confirmed that the currently circulating photos are real and that the village roads have indeed turned blood red.

Now, the imparting of red colour has been because of the crimson dye that got accidentally released to the streets after being hit by the floods. The fact that it is a common occurrence has helped the locals remain calm while others all over the nation seem intrigued by this phenomenon.

The waters are expected to turn back to normal after a few days as soon as they get mixed with rainwater. 

While this colourful water is striking, the ruin and doom that floods bring along cannot be ignored. Last year itself, the Jakarta floods caused severe loss of life and property when as many as 43 people succumbed to the calamity. Such devastation, on such a huge level, is quite worrisome. 

The red may not be blood, but it definitely is a warning sign for authorities!

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