As the CEO of the company, this young business mind already has proved his mettle, making a massive annual turnover.

There have only been a handful of professionals who could climb up the ladder of success at a very young age and, in the process, also motivate and inspire other budding talents around the world. These individuals have showcased what it takes to become one’s best version and how people, by focusing on their strong visions and commitment to keep doing their best, can create their own unique path to success, proving their mettle and getting nearer their desired goals and success in life. To do that in the world of business as a young talent has often proved to be quite challenging and taxing, but it is people like V.K.Pradip who have been proving to the world the real definition of self-made success stories.

This young man is all of 24 years of age and hails from Tamil Nadu. He is the brain behind a one-of-a-kind startup named Eagle Solutions and serves as the company’s CEO. Building a brand or a company in one’s desired sector is not something people can achieve overnight. It is something that many have taken years to fulfil this dream and vision. However, V.K.Pradip believes that success can be achieved early in one’s career when people have strong self-belief and a razor-sharp focus. He could do that in the cybersecurity sector, even amidst much saturation and competition.

With Eagle Solutions, CEO V.K.Pradip wants to leave no stone unturned to provide the best services in cybersecurity to protect their clients’ systems from any tech and digital malpractices, phishing activities, and any kind of cyber threats in computerized systems. V.K.Pradip with Eagle Solutions so far has worked with multiple MNCs, almost 20, and provide the industry-best solutions in cybersecurity, which has thrust the company forward in no time and gained the attention of many in and outside the cybersecurity world.

V.K.Pradip as an entrepreneur, still in his early twenties, has gone beyond boundaries in turning Eagle Solutions into a top choice for companies and brands, which has helped him make an annual turnover of around 10-15 crores as per the last audit year.



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