Marriages are said to be made in heaven but they are carried out on the Earth and it’s an obvious fact that each couple desires to make their wedding function a memorable affair but it doesn’t happen for many couples despite spending a good amount of money. There is no denying the fact that if you want to make an event special, you should think out-of-the-box or hire someone who has the capability to make your event special with his creativity, talent and skills. 

Many people have started hiring anchors and their groups for marriage functions because they are the experts who are adept in making such functions enjoyable and unforgettable for everyone. 

There are many anchors to choose from but if we talk about the anchors in Mumbai, Harsh Gada has become each couple’s first choice for anchoring their wedding events. What makes Harsh Gada stand apart from other anchors is his great sense of humour, classy style, wittiness, spontaneity, the ease with which he gets frank and candid with people of both groom and bride’s side and the fact that he understands that marriage is also a very sensitive moment so everything should be in limits. 

Harsh Gada’s journey in anchoring started in 2013 when he worked as a helper for 19 days at an event which took place in Infinity Mall, Mumbai. It was a Diwali event but the anchor was not able to attract crowd, Harsh had an idea and he asked her to play the Gangnam Style song which was very famous at that time and he started dancing to its tunes. Soon crowd got attracted and there were around 200 people who came towards the stage. Harsh started doing this everyday and this activity was noticed by the manager of the mall who not only praised him but also took his number. This was the first time that Harsh felt as if he was anchoring at the stage.

Soon the big day came in Harsh Gada’s life when on 26th Jan 2014, he got a call from Infinity Mall, Andheri and he was requested to perform as their anchor was facing medical issues. Harsh obliged to perform at the short notice of 15 minutes, he took new clothes, prepared content and performed over there. The program went on for 7 hours and everybody loved his work. 

Soon he started getting offers for different functions because of word of mouth, such as birthdays, baby showers, game shows, sangeet sandhya, pool party, etc. With his popularity increasing at a terrific speed, he also started getting offers to host the wedding functions and the beautiful manner in which he conducts all the ceremonies (Haldi, Sangeet, Pheras, etc.) has made him the best anchor of Mumbai.

Anchor Harsh Gada has a good experience of anchoring for almost 9 years now and he dreams to anchor TV shows and award shows in the future just like his favorite anchor Maniesh Paul. 

Harsh Gada who has conducted many corporate events as well is very grateful towards his Guru, parents and family members for supporting him and letting him pursue his dreams because of which he has become so popular at present.


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