Surgical Glue That Can Seal Wounds In 60 Seconds (Video)

Scientists are developing a glue that can seal wounds within 60 seconds! This new tissue glue, known as “MeTro”, short for methacryloyl-substituted tropoelastin, is a protein derived elastic fibers that are naturally present in the human body and make up the human tissue.

Therefore, it is highly elastic with the addition of being adhesive, non-toxic and biocompatible as well. All these properties make it the perfect component to treat wounds in body tissues that continually expand and contract — such as hearts, lungs and, arteries. Another unique property of the sealant is that as soon as it comes in contact with the tissue, it solidifies into a gel-like phase and sticks to the surface of the wound without running away.

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This offers an excellent and efficient alternative to sutures and stapling devices for the purposes of repairing external as well as internal wounds.

Though not ready to be used on humans yet, the animal trials being held have given promising results wherein the wounds on rats and pigs sealed within 60 seconds, without a rupture or any sort of leaking around and about the area of injury. Clinical trials on humans are proposed to begin soon.

Watch the video below to know more!


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