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This Summer, Indian or Western? Summer Trends of 2014


By Rajshree Gupta,

2013 was full of fashion trends, from funky stuff to sheer dresses. Some of these were hits, other were misses. Dresses and ethnic wear (especially anarkali suits) were in high demand last year. Well, what has happened is not the story, what is going to happen, is something that matters.

Dresses and ethnic wear will rock 2014 too but it’s high time to say goodbye to anarkalis and bling dresses. Also, it’s time to do away with colours like black and red and their combination, and welcome colours like white, blue and some shades of “pink”. The simple colour white known to represent peace may create a revolution this year. Blue, a colour that doesn’t like to make fuss will draw attention and pink won’t be “girly”, it will be sexy and desirable.

lace_fashion2Asymmetrical dresses (not straight ones) and jumpsuits are likely to be seen this summer. Lace has fallen in and out of favour in the past decade, but it came back with a bang last year and will continue this year as well. Lace dress is a very versatile outfit and its advantage is that it’s feminine and graceful.

fitting kurtaclip_image001In addition to this, ethnic wears are going to flood the markets. Most women may switch to traditional apparels, after giving these apparels a modern touch and showing off skin here and there. It will be hot and urban, yet Indian. Zipper and fitted kurtas (or simply cotton kurtas) are also something to look for this summer.

As far as make-up is concerned, 2013 trends were super-hit and most likely to continue this year as well. It will be all colourful from lips to nails. But don’t get so high on colours, do very light make-up and get all set to steal the hearts. Either don’t go for heavy make-up for your eyes or if you do, go for cat-eyes. It will go on both Indian and western outfits.

And ya, don’t forget to keep a lip-gloss or lip-balm handy. Pink, orange and other related colours will rule this year as well in lip colours.


For jewelry, the focus will be on gemstones and traditional coloured stones such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds to creative expression. Simple and delicate jewelry will be preferred. The importance and insatiability of gold will not be seen in the fashion market as usual, silver will be more popular.

So, get ready to fill your wardrobes with a lot of traditional stuffs along with a bit western dresses. Then, you just need to do hit and trial to mix with which item goes with the other, and YOU ARE READY, all beautiful and stunning. Women of Nagpur (Orange city) are already high on traditional outfits; let’s see what others choose, being “desi” or not.



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