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A Student Prime Minister!



*This is a work of fiction. Any student, who gets inspired by reading this, should try not to indulge in such faraway ideas. Simply, because in a country and society like ours, dirty politics and cheap tactics exist*


Being the Prime Minister of a country. WOW!  Awe, respect and power. The image of a Prime Minister always conjures in the mind of all, a fairly old man, with grey (showing supposed wisdom) hair, dressed in a crisp white kurta-pyjama. But what if a student was made the Prime Minister of a country? Sounds naive? Stupid and funny?


Wrong! Let’s see, how we, as students, could run the country.


1)      Budgeting: nobody understands or knows the art of saving and optimisation better than a student. Always on a tight budget, they know how to maximise utility. So if we can work on a small budget with a budget constraint, we can work on the country’s budget as well.


2)      Street-smart: true, politicians today, are pretty smart in terms of luring the people. But the manipulation and ideas a student can come up with are incomparable. The art of manipulating the Head of your department to postpone your assignment requires wit and the ability to pull the right strings. We are endowed with the capability of working the circumstances in our favour. So when, there’ll be a situation of deals and agreement, we, the students, will surely crack the deal.


3)      Work best under pressure: this point doesn’t even require explanation. Everybody knows that when there is a deadline, the student brings out his best skills and works to the fullest. Unlike, the political leaders, who suddenly decide to resign and elope, students take the circumstances as they come and face it. Say, for example, a student has a project to submit tomorrow. He’ll work the entire day and even the night to finish it. And yet, the work done will be commendable. So in the country scenario, when they is a crisis situation, a student will work and get the solution.


4)      Ability to take criticism and improve next time: you can’t question a student’s ability to take criticism. Teachers, parents, peers. They’ve taken it from everyone and still maintained their cool. And they improve (most of them). With each blow, they get up to improve their methods and work. So, on a macro-level, when you have the entire country blaming you for a nuclear-deal gone wrong, you’ll accept it and improve your strategies and methodology.


5)      Sense of humour and the capability to just chill sometimes: okay, admitting this isn’t a very valid point, but a student knows how to take time off. The always I’m-so-serious-working-for-the-country-stuff doesn’t work always. It makes you look boring and uninteresting. Sometime, all a voter looks for is, your ability to liven up, crack some jokes and look like a common man. A voter sometimes, seeks to see, a shadow of him in you. A student can do this with ease. The sense of humour a student possesses is so natural and easy-going.


All these points go in a student’s favour. Yet, we will never be able to adjust our mindsets to the idea of a student Prime Minister.






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